Monk Class Mount - Ban-Lu, Grandmaster's Companion

Monk Class Mount

The semi-spectral tiger from the spiritual world of Pandaria is a truly unique mount. The Ban-Lu, Grandmaster's Companion is the only one of 12 Legion class-specific mounts that has no color tint variations.  Buying this World of Warcraft Legion monk class mount will not only get you a cool ride but a friend who will occasionally speak to your character.

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Ban-Lu riding can be learned by finishing a monk-only quest that rewards the Ban-Lu, Grandmaster's Companion item. This unique mount is the only one in-game that talks back to the character, riding it. All Legion class-specific mounts are still obtainable in BFA and Shadowlands but with the help of our monk class mount boosting service, it’s even easier to get them all.

The monk class mount carry will get you:

To obtain this class mount your character will have to successfully complete a Glorious Campaign and Breaching the Tomb achievements to unlock the quest at the broken shore.

The monk class mount has no additional color tints as Ban-Lu is only one of its kind. It is rather a companion than mount, therefore you can talk to it during the riding. After the completion of Power Ascended achievement for one of the Legion artifacts you will unlock the monk battle pet - Ban-Fu, Cub of Ban-Lu, purchasable from Mei Chele for 10,000 Order Resources.


  • 50 level;
  • Legion WQs unlocked (additional option if not).

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How to get Legion monk class mount in BFA or Shadowlands?

To get yourself the Ban-Lu, Grandmaster's Companion, and ride the Legion monk class mount in the skies of Battle for Azeroth or Shadowlands expansions you will need to take the following steps:

  • complete the necessary parts of the Class Hall campaign to receive A Glorious Campaign achievement;
  • complete the full Breaching the Tomb achievement on the Broken Shore;
  • find the Yiska monk NPC at the Broken Shore;
  • complete the full quest chain ending with The Trial of Ban-Lu quest;
  • Catch the Ban-Lu and turn-in the quest to boost your mount collection with the new monk class mount.

How to complete the monk class mount quest?

The Monk Class Mount quest is pretty easy and self-explanatory. After you spoke to Yiska at the Broken Shore hub you will be sent to The Wandering Isle of Pandaria to find forgotten Master Bu who has just returned from a long journey. That would end the starter Master Who? quest and begin your hunt for the rare fairy-tale beast - Ban-Lu.

Master Bu would be glad to tell you all about his interesting adventures and give you a hint on how to track the Ban-Lu. The magic tiger-like creature he saw during his travels. So agile and powerful that no-one has ever managed to catch or tame it. He will then send you to Kun-lai to track it from the place he was last spotted.

Traveling through the Pandaria you will have a chance to remember this “awesome” expansion and re-live some of the memories connected with it. After finding The Trail of Ban-Lu you will have to complete a storyline of several easy-to-do class quests.

  • speak to the Grummel and help him find his luckydo's;
  • visit the Shadowpan Monastery and clear out the lingering sha-lings to complete The Shadow of Ban-Lu quest;
  • travel to Inkgill Mere and speak with the Jinyu to assist him;
  • from there reach the Temple of the White Tiger and collect the Lillies for Waterspeaker Ryuli;
  • return to the Jinyu, submit the quest, and go to Lake Kittitata for your final challenge;
  • at this point the Ban-Lu will reveal himself to you;
  • complete the fun challenge, don’t forget to use your rollability and catch the Ban-Lu.

The lilies will show you the direction, and after finding Ban-Lu there you may now return to your Class Hall. There you can talk to this majestic creature and befriend him in the cool personal cur-scene. Straight after it, you will be rewarded with the Ban-Lu, Grandmaster's Companion class mount that will carry around as a gest of loyalty and respect.
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Monk Class Mount