Acid Belcher

Acid Belcher

Acid Belcher is an extremely rare World of Warcraft mount with a 2% drop chance that was added in Legion expansion. This is a ground-only ridable creature that still looks awesome even in the current Shadowlands setting.

Buying the Acid Belcher boost allows you to get this mount without the constant need to farm the rare spawn -  Skreeg the Devourer.

Acid Belcher carry includes:

  1. Farming Skreeg the Devourer rare every day on all characters.
  2. Guaranteed Acid Belcher mount into your collection.
  3. Chance to get Demon's Soulstone (rewards 1000 reputation with all Legion factions).

Boost ETA: 2-4 weeks. (random drop).

We will be killing the rare on all your high-level characters every day. The duration of this service depends mostly on luck as the mount drop chance is fairly low.


  • 50+ level;
  • Argus and Mac'Aree zones unlocked.

Acid Belcher Carry Service

Have you seen the cool demon-like glowing mount with the name Acid Belcher but don’t know where and how to get it? Don’t worry, Boosthive team has got you covered. Our professional mount farming service will defeat the Skreeg the Devourer daily until the Acid Belcher will drop to your WoW character.

Fast Acid Belcher farming service is the perfect and 100% reliable way to boost your mount collection with this rare item. If you still have questions about the Acid Belcher boost that we have for sale, feel free to reach out to us via the 24/7 available online chat.

Acid Belcher