Druid Class Mount

Druid Class Mount

Buying the druid class mount quest completion for World of Warcraft character will allow you to change the standard flying form into the new awesome owl-like look. It's a new class mount added in the Legion expansion. Mount is a reward for the completion of 4 specific quests. You can still get the Archdruid's Lunarwing Form carry service in BFA and Shadowlands.

Boost takes ~48 hrs.

Mount changes your current druid flying form. Druid's Class mount color is different for various classes - Trolls - red, Taurens - brown, Worgens - white and black for Night Elves.

Druid Class mount carry includes:

Remember that mount is not account-wide and the price could be lowered if you completed a part of the quest chain.

This mount is a shape-shifting form of your druid character. It has all benefits of the shape-shifting like the instant cast, immune to polymorph, etc. However, this form is added to your total mount count and can be found in the mount journal.


  • 50 level;
  • Legion WQs unlocked (additional option if not).

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How to get Legion Druid Class mount in BFA or Shadowlands?

The new druid’s flying form introduced in Legion is a unique mount that transforms your character into an awesome owl-like creature. Each race has a different color scheme of this form but only one goes into your total mount collection count. Although this class-specific mount was introduced back in the Legion expansion it is still obtainable in BFA and Shadowlands. So, here is a brief and straight to the point guide on how to get the Druid’s class mount - the Archdruid's Lunarwing Form.

  • Remember this is your legion class mount therefore you get it from your class hall.
  • You should finish the entire class-hall quest campaign to get the A Glorious Campaign achievement.
  • Then complete full Breaching the Tomb achievement.
  • Reminder: The questline only shows up after you have fully completed your class quest chain. Don't forget to click on your minimap magnifying glass and activate 'Trivial Quests' tracking.
  • After these steps, you will be allowed to take the Talon's Call quest from the Grovewarden Proudhon.
  • Simply follow the easy to do quests and get your Lunarwing flying form.

How to switch the Lunarwing flight form back to return the standard one?

To get your classic flying form for your druid character you will have to get back to the shrine of Aviana behind the Dreamgrove. you will see a lady druid there called Skycaller Faeb located at coordinates 30,2. Asking her to remove the Lunarwing owl flight form will allow you to use the standard one. When you wish to get the Lunarwing owl flying form back you can always return to her turn it back on.

Druid Class Mount