Rogue Class Mount - Shadowblade’s Murderous Omen

Rogue Class Mount

You may have seen a giant raven carrying rogues in the skies of World of Warcraft and wondered how to get this class mount into your collection. The Shadowblade’s Murderous Omen is one of the 12 class mounts added to World of Warcraft in the course of Legion expansion. Purchasing the rogue’s class mount boost service will help you to receive this epic flying raven without breaking a sweat.  

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Shadowblade’s Murderous Omen can be learned by using the  Razor-Lined Reins of Dark Portent, which is a final reward for a rogues mount quest chain. This giant bird has a unique WoW mount model and an exclusive tint for each of the rogue’s specialization. Although it is a Legion mount it is still obtainable in BFA and Shadowlands. And the rogue class-specific mount boosting service can make it even easier to get.

The rogue class mount carry will get you:

The two major roadblocks on your way to obtaining this class mount are the successful completion of a Glorious Campaign and Breaching the Tomb achievements to unlock the event in your class hall.

The rogue class mount has the following 3 additional color tints purchasable from Zan Shivsproket in Dalaran for 1000 Order Resources after the completion of Power Ascended for each Legion artifacts:


  • 50 level;
  • Legion WQs unlocked (additional option if not).

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How to get Legion rogue class mount in BFA or Shadowlands?

To acquire your Razor-Lined Reins of Dark Portent and summon the Legion rogue class mount in the Battle for Azeroth or the Shadowland expansion you will need to take the following steps:

  • check if your Class Hall campaign completed and  A Glorious Campaign achievement obtained;
  • check the Breaching the Tomb achievement on the Broken Shore and complete it if it is missing;
  • find the Apothecary Keever at the Broken Shore;
  • complete the short quest chain ending with the Hiding In Plain Sight quest;
  • turn-in the quest to get your mount collection boosted with the new rogue class mount.

How to complete the rogue class mount quest?

The rogues class mount - Shadowblade's Murderous Omen quest chain is one of the fastest ones to complete. The carry for this event starts at the broken shore hub by meeting with the Apothecary Keever and finding out that legion Dread Lords have found some way to spy on your allies.

As you get all the information from the Keever you will be asked to get back to Dalaran (Legion Version) and enter your class hall to meet with Lilian Voss and find out more about the dead body found. After the investigation and the realization that Legion spies are among us, you will have to locate and destroy them.

The whole quest chain mainly consists of a single major quest making you travel several capital cities in order to get rig of legion infiltrators.

  1. Dread Infiltrators (VIsit your class hall to get a class mount quest)
  2. Hiding In Plain Sight (Travel the listed below location and return to get Razor-Lined Reins of Dark Portent)

Exodar: After arriving at Draenei Capital city you will need to find the marked infiltrator. He is wandering around with a huge crystal golem. Use Distract on the Crystalforged Demolisher as it is a strang elite and defeat Ardaan the Solemn. The golem will vanish as soon as the master killed. This part of the quest is done, you may now travel to the next location.
Darnassus: Head to the big tree city and find Taylenne Sweetsong. Start to combat her and don’t forget to interrupt the Cry For Help cast. Use your CDs and leave upon the successful kill of the opponent.
Ironforge: Enter the Dwarf’s fortress and search for the Corin Twinbellows. Because of the Heavy Armor buff, you would require to change your specialization to Assassination or Subtlety and/or use some spell damage items such as trinkets or weapons. Dot forget that Cry For Help cast is interruptible. Use vanish and head to the last location.
Stormwind: Arrive at the main Alliance capital and head to the auction house. Find Auctioneer Jaxon there and start the battle. He is pretty easy to kill especially now since the HP has not been updated from the LEgion values. He is your last target, therefore after the successful victory return to rogue’s class hall to get your mount.

Shadowblade's Murderous Omen will be added to your mount collection automatically after turning in the quest.

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Rogue Class Mount