Paladin Class Mount - Highlord's Golden Charger

Paladin Class Mount

What is the most iconic Legion class mount in Worlds of warcraft? Of course, it is Highlord's Golden Charger. This unique Paladin class mount was introduced in Legion at the same time with the other 11 class mounts making the total count of 12. It is the original paladin steed that has the golden color scheme and suits perfectly for the most common paladin sets. Buying the Highlord's Charger boost will help you to acquire this epic mount to ride in BFA and Shadowlands.

Boost ETA: ~48 hrs.

To receive the Glowing Reins of the Golden Charger or any other variation of this beautiful mount you must accomplish some Class Hall and Broken Shore meta-achievements. After getting this item you will add the Highlord's Golden Charger into your mount collection.

The Paladin class mount carry will get you:

  • the rapid start of your boosting in 30-50 minutes;
  • The full paladin class mount quest storyline finished to get the  Highlord's Golden Charger mount;
  • Fast completion of a Glorious Campaign and Breaching the Tomb meta-achievements;
  • 16 achievements and 170 achievement points;
  • opportunity to buy additional color tints for the class mount once you have Power Ascended achievement completed;

The Power Ascended achievement has to be completed for each specialization artifact to acquire the color tint linked to it. The Paladin class mount has 3 additional color tints apart from the original golden mount. These three tints cost x1000 Order Resources each and require you to unlock all the Artifact Traits for the following Legion artifact weapons:

Those mounts have one of the best lore stories introduced to the player in the class hall quest. Therefore buying the paladin class mount boost will help you to get a truly canonical mount for your character. The mount can be used by all paladins on the account even the low level “alt” characters of this class.


  • 50 level character.

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How to get Legion paladin class mount in BFA or Shadowlands?

Paladins were one of the first game orders to receive their own unique class mount. The vanilla version of the chargers included the Summon Warhorse at level 40 and the epic version - Summon Charger at level 60. Both quests to get those classic mounts required a lot of resources and material and were hard to get. This is also reflected in the version of the class mount quest introduced in the Legion.

To get a significant upgrade on your classic stallion and fly on it in the Battle for Azeroth, Shadowlands on any other expansions to come, your character will need to complete the following legion class mount checklist:

How to complete the Paladin class mount quest?

To acquire the paladin class-specific mount introduced in Legion you will have to first visit the Deliverance point at the broken shore and then proceed to Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker. As you approach him with the request to get the new class mount he remembers that back in the day, he helped Paladins with their Class Mount Quests. This is the easter egg to the times of Classic WoW. He also mentions that paladin class mounts required recruits to collect many expensive ingredients.

This particular paladin charger will not require you to collect many things as this quest is a simplified version of the old one. However, you will still need to get the Stonehide Leather Barding from a Leatherworker for Preparations Underway quest. Moreover, Lord Grayson Shadowbreaker decides that the barding is not strong enough therefore you will need some help from a Dalaran Blacksmith. You will have to collect:

to complete the A Few Things First quest and finally create the strong Plated Barding.

After you have done all the above routine tasks Lord Grayson tells you some stunning news about your new mount being the holy-purified mount of Lord Rivendare from Stratholme - Deathcharger's Reins. To get yourself a new paladin class mount you will have to visit Stratholme to complete the Stirring in the Shadows scenario.

The paladin Legion mount event will consist of 7 parts. That makes it one of the longest class hall mount scenarios in the World of Warcraft. Here is the list of stages you’ll have to go through:

  1. Choose Your Allies: Select 2 paladins to accompany you in Stratholm. There are 6 of them available 2 for each spec.
  2. Search the City: Find stashes with x6 Stratholme Holy Water, locate and free the three missing paladins in the Stratholm. Defeat Osseine, Rotmouth, and Pestulon.
  3. Return to Grayson: Return to Lord Grayson and give him the Stratholm holy water to start the process of purification.
  4. Imbue the Barding: Channel your holy power through your artifact weapon onto the barding. Cleanse and empower the armor of your new mount with holy light.
  5. Ride to Rivendare's Crypt: Find Baron Rivendare's remains in his crypt at the heart of Stratholme. However, the remains have been stolen and no longer there. You will need to find it now.
  6. Defeat Raemien: Kill Raemien the Soultaker who has stolen Baron's remains and wants to turn all of the trapped Paladins into Undead to spread the plague.
  7. Speak With Grayson: When you're ready with the scenario you may leave by speaking with Lord Grayson and he'll see you returned to Light's Hope Chapel.

The amount you have found in Stratholm is now shackled in holy light and taken back to Light's Hope Chapel. Continue with the Stirring in the Shadows quest to view the final cinematic in which you purify the mount in Light's Hope Chapel by placing the Barding on its mane. After that, you will finally receive the Glowing Reins of the Golden Charger and boost your mount collection with the new paladin class mount.

That is how you can get the paladin Legion class mount in BFA or Shadowlands. It is quite a lengthy and at times boring quest, which requires a lot of your time. Perhaps you would rather spend it on something more fun or do some 2v2 arena PvP with your friends for example! Therefore here Boosthive offers to help you and get a fast paladin class mount carry service from us. This way you will get your new shiny mount in no time without even breaking a sweat.

Paladin Class Mount