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Yulei Daughter of Jade Mount

Yu'lei, Daughter of Jade carry includes:

  1. Flying mount Yu'lei, Daughter of Jade.
  2. x5000 Timewarped Badge farmed.
  3. Tons of Timewalk dungeons completed.
  4. Chance to get Reins of the Infinite Timereaver during the servce (random).

Boost ETA: 5-6 days.

Important: Yu'lei mount can be purchased from the vendor only during Pandaria Timewalking event. However, we will farm the necessary amount of Badges during all Timewalking events. Please, don't spend the Badges during the service as it counts toward completion.

We will leave x5000 Badges in your bags in case you change your decision and decide to purchase any other Timewalk mount from the vendors. There are 5 total mounts available from various Timewalk vendors.


  • 45+ level.
Yu'lei, Daughter of Jade