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Shadowlands Gear Item Level Boost

Gearing up your character in the new Shadowlands expansion is the key to a fun and interesting gameplay. Top gear allows clearing PvE content easily while dominating in PvP matches. Buying the Shadowlands full-gear boost will allow you to get the ilvl you want in the shortest time possible.

Here you can buy item level boost for WoW Shadowlands characters. Get full 210-239 ilvl gear carry depending on the chosen option. 

Shadowlands ilvl carry service includes:

  • Shadowlands gearing to any ilvl you want;
  • 100% manual full gear boost via dungeons, mythic+ farm, raid and world quests;
  • private live stream (please ask before the start of the gear carry);
  • advanced VPN security for account safety;
  • all loot, gold, and achievements obtained during the boost.

Gearing boost ETA: 1 day - several weeks. Depends on the selected gear boost.

These are options for the Shadowlands gear level carry:

  • 210 item level - 1-2 days (Mythic0 dungeons, World quests, Korhia activities);
  • 215 item level - 2-3 days (Mythic +3  dungeons, Korthia activities);
  • 220 item level - 3-4 days (Mythic+, SoD normal);
  • 225 item level - 5-6 days (Mythic +8, SoD normal);
  • 230 item level - 7-8 days (Mythic +10 dungeons);
  • 239 item level - ~4-5 weeks (Sanctum of Domination heroic full gear).
  • 252 item level - 3-4 weeks (Sanctum of Domination mythic full gear).

We can also do a custom ilvl boost specifically for you. To do so please contact one of our support managers. Before ordering the SL full gear carry services, please check if you meet the basic requirements. 


  • WoW Shadowlands expansion purchased and active;
  • 60 level character with any gear;
  • Covenants and Torghast unlocked.

How does Shadowlands Gear Boosting Works?

You might be wondering: how we will get you to that item level you ordered? We will make that clear to you here. 

First of all, after the purchase of the Shadowlands gear leveling service, you will speak to one of our support managers and discuss the gaming schedule and any special requirements if needed.

Secondly, the gear booster will help you to achieve the required item level through a variety of in-game PvE content. We will use the most efficient and fast rewarding gearing methods in Shadowlands, including but not limited to:

  • World Quests;
  • mythic dungeons and Mythic plus;
  • Korthia activties and rep vendors;
  • Sanctum of Domination and other;
  • sometimes we can opt for getting PvP gear but we rarely do that.

As soon as your character will be boosted to the required item level we will notify you about it and you can proceed with your Shadowlands adventures. 

Will I get all gear items of a selected item level?

The simple answer is not necessarily. We will try to get the gear item level distributed evenly throughout your character slots. However, we can’t guarantee that due to the World of Warcraft RNG system.

Some of the acquired items can be of a higher item level than the other however we can 100% guarantee that you will get the overall item level boosted to the number you have opted for.

Can I get a custom Shadowlands gear carry?

Perhaps you want to get a different item level or boost your Sgadowlands gear even higher to a mythic raiding level? You most certainly can do that with the help of our SL full gear service.

To get this VIP gear carry or even to get a service similar to Shadowlands BiS gear boost you will need to contact one of our managers to proceed with such a request. You also can check our BiS gearing service here. Do not hesitate to ask questions and create your own boosting combos as Boosthive is here to help make your WoW experience as smooth as possible.

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