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Dragonflight Item Level Boost

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Boosting item level (ilvl) WoW is the key to a fun and interesting gameplay. High average ilvl matters, as it allows to “one-shot” NPC instead of a half-minute fight with every quest-mob and helps to dominate in PvP matches. Getting a top item lvl score isn’t easy as it requires a well-geared and organized group. Therefore ordering WoW ilvl boost is a good way to get full-geared in the shortest time possible.

Boosthive is using only the most efficient and rewarding methods of acquiring equipment, including but not limited to: world quests, dungeons, or even high-end raids. We make your item level boost purchase easy.

Boost takes: check below / Start time: 2-3 hours.

WoW ilvl carry includes:

  1. Any average item level up to 431;
  2. 100% manual full ilvl boost via dungeons, mythic+ farm, raid, and world quests.
  3. Private live stream (please ask before we start your order).
  4. Advanced VPN security for account safety.
  5. All loot, gold, and achievements obtained during the boost.

When picking the desired Dragonflight ilvl boost, please take into consideration the fact that Season 1 starts only on December, 14th. That means that gear from M+ can only be acquired after season start.

Customize the order by buying the desired ilvl:

  • 390 item level - ~10-12 hours (M0 dungeons, WQs, rares).
  • 398 item level - 24-30 hours (M0 dungeons, Fyrakk assaults, Zaralek Cavern);
  • 405 item level - 2-3 days (low M+ dungeons, Fyrakk assaults, Zaralek Cavern);
  • 410 item level - 3-4 days (low M+ dungeons, Fyrakk assaults, Zaralek Cavern);
  • 418 item level - 4-5 days (M+11-13 dungeons);
  • 424 item level - 21-24 days (Aberrus normal, M+15-16 dungeons);
  • 431 item level - 3-4 weeks (Aberrus heroic, M+19-20 dungeons).

Before ordering the Dragonflight ilvl carry services, please check if the character meets the basic requirements.


  • WoW Dragonflight expansion;
  • 70 level;
  • world quests unlocked.

Will I get all slots of a selected item level?

The simple answer is not necessarily. We will try to get the average item level distributed evenly throughout your character slots. However, we can’t guarantee that due to the World of Warcraft RNG system.

Some of the acquired items can be of a higher item level than the other however we can 100% guarantee that you will get the overall WoW ilvl boosted to the number you have opted for.

Can I get a custom Dragonflight item level boost?

Perhaps you want to boost your ilvl in WoW even higher to a mythic raiding level? You most certainly can do that with the help of our Dragonflight character boost ilvl service.

To get this VIP item level carry or even to get a service similar to Dragonflight BiS gear farm you will need to contact one of our managers to proceed with such a request. You also can check our BiS gearing service here. 

Gearing Service