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Elemental Overflow Farm

Elemental Overflow

Elemental Overflow farming service will allow to get the exact amount in Dragonflight. This is a new currency that drops from Primalist Invasion mobs. Players are able to grind Elemental Overflow every six hours during these elemental attacks on Dragon Isles. Elemental Overflow currency is used to buy Primalistic gear and several collectibles including a mount and few pets.

Here you can buy Elemental Overflow in any amount and forget about the boring mob grind during invasions. Focus on more interesting things in the game while we farm Elemental Overflow for you. It is as simple as that!

WoW Elemental Overflow boosting rewards:

  1. Any amount of Elemental Overflow farmed.
  2. Primalist Invasions completed.
  3. Some progress for Storm Chaser meta-achievement.
  4. Access to 350 ilvl gear.

Boost takes: ~2'000 Overflow/day.

There are no limitations on how much Elemental Overflow players can farm per week. Select any amount you need for the boost and our team will grind Elemental Overflow during the active invasions.

Before buying Primalist Invasions currency farming service from us, please check the minimal requirements of this carry.


  • Dragonflight expansion;
  • 70 level;
  • this service is piloted.

How to Farm Elemental Overflow?

Many angry Primalists (fire, water, air or earth) will invade the Dragon Isles zones every six hours. The attack itself lasts for two hours. Primalists NPCs will fill the area.with new mobs and abilities that are connected with invading element.

The best way to farm Elemental Overflow is just to kill Primalists in the envaded areas. Elites and stronger NPCs usually drop more Elemental Overflow, but still these amounts are quite small. So players need to waste hours and hours killing enough mobs alone or in a group. With our Elemental Overflow boosting it doesn't have to be this way.

Buying Elemental Overflow Rewards

While you are still thinking about using our Elemental Overflow grinding service or not, let's see the rewards you can purchase with this currency and how much do you need approximately to snag everything necessary.

While blue gear might sound now that powerful at all, it is still a good starting point. Moreover, those Primalistic sets look really nice and make a good-looking transmog!

Items Cost
Bracers, Belts, Cloaks 200
Shoulders, Boots, Gloves 350
Helms, Legs, Chests 500
Weapons 800
Stormie pet 1000
Ghostflame pet 1000
Stormhide Salamanther 2000

As you can see, the rewards are pretty solid and you need a lot of Elemental Overflow to buy all of them. In case you have any questions about this service, please contact us via online-chat, Skype, or Discord. Our managers work 24/7 and will be happy to answer all the questions or help with any custom requests.

Elemental Overflow