Legendary Cloak Boost

BfA Legendary Cloak

Here you can buy BfA Legendary Cloak from Wrathion questline in patch 8.3. We will complete the Visions of N'zoth intro storyline to unlock legendary cloak. Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve Cloak is an essential part of the Ny'alotha and Horrific Visions. It also decreases the negative effect of all equipped corrupted gear and opens world content in 8.3. We also provide Legendary Cloak rank boost, meaning that we will be farming Horrific Visions every week to get new bonuses and increase the efficiency of your Wrathion Legendary Cloak.

ETA ~2 hrs to finish the storyline

BfA Legendary Cape boost includes:

  • Ashjra'kamas, Shroud of Resolve obtained on your character
  • Access to N'zoth Assaults
  • Horrific Visions unlocked
  • 8.3 Daily quests unlocked
  • Rajani and Uldum Accord reputation access 
  • VPN for account safety

Additional options for Ashjra'kamas Cloak boost:

  • I have the Legendary Cloak - choose this option in case you finished storyline and need BfA Legendary Cloak leveling
  • Rank 1-5 - we will level up 1-5 ranks on your Legendary Cloak
  • Rank 6-10 - we will head deeper into Horrific Visions to level up these ranks, 
  • Rank 10-15 - we will level last ranks for you into Horrific Visions


  • 50 level character
  • 100+ item level DPS spec for BfA Cloak leveling
  • World quests in BfA unlocked
  • Naz'jatar zone unlocked
  • Acc sharing

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BfA Legendary Cloak