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Trials of Osiris Flawless

Trials of Osiris is a new 3v3 PvP pinnacle activity revealed in Season 10, it is an elimination game type with fireteams of 3 Guardians.

Boost takes 2-4 hours.

Please NOTE Powerlevel matters! If you have no 1050+ light WITHOUT ARTIFACT - choose the option "I don't have 1050 powerlevel".

Flawless streak 7-0 in new pinnacle PvP activity allows you to get into Osiris Lighthouse on Mercury

Trials of Osiris boost include:

  • Completion Trials of Osiris activity;
  • A lot of powerful gear and shaders;
  • Events emblem;

Trials of Osiris service carrying only by professionals, even if you have no meta PvP weapons, be sure - the team will handle it as fast as possible.

Addition options:
I don't have 1250+ power level - in a case Underlight, our team will push Flawless Trials of Osiris streak 7-0 with lowlevel character or make powerlevel until it possible.


  • 1250+ Power level
  • 50k+ Glimmer
Trials of Osiris Flawless