Master Crota Last Boss Kill

Crota Last Boss Kill

Crota Master carry is a fast run through the Last Encounter of the Crota's End raid on Master difficulty. Killing Crota on Master Level difficulty is the best way to loot powerful Adept weapons and armor with high stat spikes and get a guaranteed Oversoul. Complete the deadliest encounter requiring skill, strategy, and dedication to kill the last boss Master Crota.

Master Crota boost is available 24/7 right from the first day of the raid release. Runs are done on all platforms. Get Master Crota carries to get a guaranteed raid completion and a 5% chance to loot a new raid exotic - Necrochasm.

Start time: 15-30 minutes / Boost takes: 1 hour per run.

Rewards for the Crota, son of Oryx kill service include:

  1. Kill of Crota, the god Knight in the raid.
  2. A Triumph for killing Crota.
  3. One guaranteed weapon or piece of Armor with a high spike.
  4. Achievement on Raidreport.
  5. A rare chance to get a guaranteed Necrotcasm exotic.
  6. A guaranteed Oversoul for defeating Crota.

A livestream of the service completion is available as an additional option for the Crota kill. Please make sure to specify that you would like to include it before the service starts, so we have time to set everything up. Master Crota kill will become available at a later date.

There aren’t many requirements for buying the Crota kill, but make sure to take a look at them nonetheless.


  • 1790 power level for normal; 1819 for Master;
  • this boost is only recovery (piloted).

Crota Boost Description

As the final boss of the Crota's End raid - Crota is a very difficult fight. Not only the mechanics that are required to be executed properly are challenging by themselves, but they also require a lot of coordination from all of the raid members. Buying Crota kill in D2 will save you a lot of time and effort, avoiding dozens of raid wipes along the way.

Boosthive is a reliable boosting provider for Crota services that can help you with the following:

  • get into the latest returned raid with a professional raiding team;
  • experience this challenging fight without wiping;
  • get the best loot from Crota, the God Knight;
  • get a chance to acquire Necrocasm exotic;
  • get Oversouls for the Necrocasm or its Catalyst;
  • do all of the above in the shortest possible time!

Don’t miss your chance to get this challenging raid done with a professional and coordinated team. Let us take care of all the stress while you have fun playing D2.

What Rewards Drop From Crota?

Crota Master boss encounter has a lot of great loot to go with it, but the star of the show is clearly the quest for the Necrocasm exotic and a guaranteed Oversoul if you already possess it. While the guaranteed drop rate of the weapon is ridiculously low, you can farm for it through the quest. The quest wants you to collect Oversouls from raid encounters that are RNG drop as well but are a guaranteed drop from Crota on Master difficulty.

If you want to buy this great exotic we can get it for you quickly and easily. Our teams of professional players have been defeating Crota ever since the initial release of the raid, so they know exactly what to do, and have the skill to execute the fight perfectly. Since the drop chance isn’t guaranteed it might take more than multiple attempts, but you should eventually get it.

Why Choose Boosthive for Crota Carry?

We are proud to have a good reputation as a trusted company here at Boosthive. We always strictly monitor the quality of our services. Master Crota's boss kill is no exception to this. You can be assured that your order will be completed in the shortest time possible, by the best teams available. Here are some of the benefits you get by purchasing the Crota Master boost from us.

  • 100% positive feedback from review aggregators such as Reviewsio;
  • completion of the service by professional teams with years of experience;
  • friendly Customer support that is ready to assist 24/7;
  • client-oriented approach targeting specific needs of every customer;
  • all of our services are performed manually without using cheats or bots.

Get yourself a Crota, son of Oryx boost, and enjoy all of the aforementioned benefits along with quick service completion!

Crota Last Boss Kill