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Deep Stone Crypt Raid

Deep Stone Crypt boost is a full run through the new d2 raid "Deep Stone Crypt" added in Beyond the Light expansion that includes defeating all bosses. Choose an additional option to get more rewards!

Carry ETA: 2 - 24 hours. 

Deep Stone Crypt raid boost includes:

  1. Deep Stone Crypt raid completion.
  2. Pinnacle Legacy's Oath Raid Armor.
  3. Pinnacle Raid Weapons (RNG-based).
  4. Crypt Reawakened Emblem.
  5. No Love Lost Exotic Ghost Shell (additional option).
  6. Retrocausality Exotic Sparrow (additional option).
  7. Survival of the Fittest Raid Flawless Triumph Completion (additional option).
  8. Chance to get Eyes of Tomorrow Exotic Rocket Launcher.
  9. Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact level.


  • 1231 Powerlevel;
  • Deep Stone Crypt Raid unlocked
  • This service is piloted & requires account recovery.

Why buying Deep Stone Crypt raid is a great move?

The simple answer to that question would be - it saves you a lot of time. With the purchase of the DSC carry service our team will rush through the raid without leaving opposing forces a chance to hold. Fast and efficient Destiny 2 raid clearing opens up some additional time for activities you like the most.

The other reason to get a DSC raid boost is the powerful loot your character can get without the need to share or whip with a team lacking the skill to complete this challenging raid. Legendary weapons and armor of Deep Stone Crypt are waiting for you, don’t miss your chance to get them.

The raid takes place in a ship above the laboratory and consists of 4 main stages:

  • stage 1: Players deactivate the security system;
  • stage 2: Players kill Atraks-1 Fallen Exo who resurrected Taniks;
  • stage 3: Players try to save the laboratory and crash the ship in the vicinity;
  • stage 4: Players kill Taniks The Abomination and complete the DSC raid.

What will I get from Deep Stone Crypt boost?

Apart from Deep Stone Crypt armor set and raid legendary weapons, players will receive a pinnacle reward from each stage of DSC. The minimum total outcome from the raid will have 4 pinnacle rewards, 2 secret chests, and a legendary item from each boss encounter.

As you can see buying the pro carry of the Deep Stone Crypt raid will get you some cool perks that will not only increase your character’s power level but will give you the ability to join other parties easily while knowing all the tactics and having the necessary achievements.

Deep Stone Crypt