Garden of Salvation Raid Boosting

Garden of Salvation

The D2 Garden of Salvation is a six-player raid activity that was added in the Shadowkeep expansion. Buying the Garden of Salvation boost will allow you to complete the full raid loot run with a professional D2 carry team. We have offered GoS for sale for quite some time now and can guarantee a fast and smooth carry process.

The Garden of Salvation boosting that we offer is available on any platform PC, PS4 and Xbox. In case you want to buy GoS carry for more than one character please order several items by adding them to your cart.

Start time: 15-30 minutes / Boost takes: 1.5 hours per run.

Rewards of D2 Garden of Salvation boosting service includes:

  1. Full clear of Garden of Salvation raid encounters;
  2. Possibility to loot unique Garden of Salvation shaders;
  3. Access to the legendary GoS Gear and Mods;
  4. Any other weapons, armor, and items dropped during the GoS loot run.

Additional options for Last Wish carry:

  1. Open chests - the team will open hidden chests with the keys from the raid run.
  2. With a challenge - we will complete the weekly challenge (chance for bonus loot).
  3. Flawless run - raid completion without any player dying in the process (requires account sharing option).
  4. All raid challenges - this option is only available once the raid is in the weekly rotation.

Just before you order our fast GoS carry run we encourage you to have a look at the basic requirements we have for such type of boosting services. Once you meet all of them you can buy the Garden of Salvation raid and we will give you a 100% guarantee to deliver your order.


  • 1600+ Powerlevel;
  • Shadowkeep DLC purchased and active;
  • this boost is a recovery (piloted).

Garden of Salvation boost description

The Garden of Salvation raid carry allows players to complete this challenging encounter efficiently and in the shortest amount of time. The GoS raid takes guardians inside the Black Garden of D2. The whore GoS boost consists of taking down two bosses spread over four hardcore encounters in the Garden of Salvation. The bosses are:

  • the Consecrated Mind;
  • the Sanctified Mind.

The story of Garden of Salvation rotates around the mysterious relic from D2: Shadowkeep campaign. But who cares about the story if you can loot awesome rewards from this raid, right?

What GoS rewards are worth boosting?

Being the main raid of the previous DLC Garden of Salvation now is still a source of cool legendary gear and unique powerful rewards. Mainly players attempting to clear this activity would aim to get the GoS exotic weapons and other impressive D2 guns to increase their power in both PvE and PvP.

Here is a brief list of Garden of Salvation loot that you should add you your wish list.

  1. Omniscient eye.
  2. Sniper Rifle.
  3. Reckless oracle.
  4. Auto Rifle.
  5. Ancient Gospel.
  6. Hand Cannon.
  7. Sacred Provenance.
  8. Pulse Rifle.

Those and many other legendary drops await you in our GoS professional loot run. If you are interested in some other equipment please consult our experienced manager who will be glad to answer your questions 24/7.

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Garden of Salvation