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Weekly Pinnacle Bundle

Here you can purchase D2 Weekly Pinnacle Bundle. This bundle includes the completion of all the pinnacle activities to raise up Power of Light over hardcap (>1000) with 20% reduced price!

Boost ETA: 12 hours.

Current season (Season of Dawn, 9) has Power of Light hardcap equal to 1000 and pinnacle cap equal to 1010. The more Power you have, the more activities you can run, otherwise it becomes much more difficult.

Weekly Pinnacle Bundle includes:

  • The Pit of Heresy — 1 absolute piece of Dreambane Set (only armor)
  • The Nightfall Ordeal 100k — 1 random gear
  • Garden of Salvation — 4 raid gears
  • Nightmare hunt 980 - 1 random gear

If you are mostly PvP player and don't want to waste your time to grinding — the best choice is to buy Weekly Pinnacle Bundle and enjoy awesome gameplay with high Power of Light.


  • Shadowkeep DLC
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