Vault of Glass Master Difficulty

Vault of Glass Master Difficulty

For those Guardians who would like to spice things up a little more, there is a Master Level difficulty in the Vault of Glass raid that brings some special powerful rewards such as Timelost Weapons.

Our VoG Master mode boosting service will rush your character through the most challenging raid content of D2 and allow you to complete the weekly Vault of Glass Challenge.

Start time: 15-30 minutes / Boost takes: 3 hours per run.

VoG Master difficulty carry includes:

  1. Master Vault of Glass raid completion.
  2. Chance on getting Vault of Glass raid armor and weapons.
  3. Chance to loot Ascendant Shards and Enhancement Prisms.
  4. Vault of Glass raid Timelost weapons (requires "Weekly challenge" option).

Additional options for VoG Master carry:

  1. With a challenge - we will complete the weekly challenge (chance for timelost loot).
  2. All raid challenges - this option is only available once the raid is in the weekly rotation.

Please note: Normal and Master modes share the weekly lockouts. It means that you can obtain the loot only the first time you complete the raid during the week. We recommend getting rewards, and challenges on Master mode first to be able to loot Timelost weapons.


  • 1820+ power level;
  • account recovery.

Vault of Glass Master Mode Boosting

The VoG Master difficulty does not have a specific powerlevel cap to enter therefore you can still get into this raid with our boosting team with the minimum light requirements.

The best part of the VoG Master Mode boost is definitely the rewards at the end of the challenge featuring some unique Timeloast weapons. Each weekly event will have a particular Timelost weapon available with a 100% drop chance on VoG Challenge completion.

There would be a rotation of these rewards, therefore, check what gun is currently available before purchasing the Vault of Glass Master boost if you are hunting for a specific Timelost.

D2 Timelost Weapons in VoG Raid

As mentioned above these powerful weapons offer an extra perk in columns 3 and 4 for greater customization and therefore increased performance. When you purchase the Timelost weapon boost your guardian will earn such a weapon and will be able to purchase additional rolls from the end of the raid Master VoG Chest.

Important to note that Timelost weapons will cost more Spoils of Conquest than the regular versions of these guns.

Boosthive strongly recommends you buying the Vault of Glass Master boost and complete the Timelost weekly challenge before going into any other variations of VoG raid.

Vault of Glass Master Difficulty