Master Crota's End Weekly Challenge Boost

Master Crota's End Weekly Challenge

Buy a weekly challenge boost in Crota’s End to receive a bunch of extra rewards from this Destiny 2 raid. Get some Spoils of Conquest, Adept weapons, and get Triumph completion with the help of our services. Forget about the tedious grind and let our Crota’s End weekly challenge carry handle everything for you instead.

Completing all of the challenges will also unlock Crota’s Exile Exotic Sparrow for you to use! Let our professional players take care of everything with our weekly master challenge boost service and simply enjoy the game without having to sweat on master challenges.

Start time: 15-30 minutes | Boost takes: 2-5 hours for one guardian.

Weekly Crota’s End challenge carry includes:

  1. Crota’s End Weekly Challenge completed on Master difficulty.
  2. Corresponding Raid Triumph Completed.
  3. Some Spoils of Conquest and an Extra Adept Weapon.
  4. Chance to get Legendary and Exotic loot.
  5. Experience for your Season pass and Artifact.
  6. All additional drops that you obtain during boosting.
  7. Manual service completion.


  • Destiny 2 account;
  • 2000+ Power Level is recommended. Please select an option if your Power Level is lower than 2000.

How Crota’s End Weekly Challenges Work

Crota's End originally a raid from the original Destiny, has been reintroduced into Destiny 2 with various updates. It now features rotating raid challenges each week. However, only one challenge is active on any given week, adding various additional conditions to encounters. Completing these challenges can yield extra loot from the encounter, and finishing on the Master difficulty rewards players with powerful Adept weapons at the end of the raid.

Crota’s End challenges are:

  1. Conservation of Energy (Abyss encounter): For the Conservation of Energy challenge, you need to Enlighten one lantern for each time you’ve preserved the Chalice of Light.
  2. Precarious Balance (Bridge encounter): Players can only cross the bridge if it’s not fully built.
  3. Equal Vessels (Ir Yut encounter): Guardians are only able to pick up the Chalice after every other member of the team has done so.
  4. All for One (Crota encounter): Destroy Crota’s shield all at once with three swords.

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How it Works

For your convenience, we have outlined the entire process of purchasing Master Crota’s End Weekly Challenge boost in Destiny 2, so you can have a clear understanding of what will happen after placing an order.

  1. Proceed to the checkout and finalize the payment.
  2. Wait for 3 to 7 minutes for us to contact you directly.
  3. We will specify all the necessary details and start the order completion.
  4. Enjoy your rewards!

That’s it! Enjoy your Master Crota’s End weekly challenge completion after we finish the boosting service. If you have any questions or want to add anything else to your order, feel free to reach out to us via the live chat here on the website, or Discord. We are available 24/7 and are always ready to assist you.

Master Crota's End Weekly Challenge