Echo of Lilith (Uber Lilith)

Echo of Lilith (Uber Lilith) is the ultimate end-game boss that players will face in Diablo IV. To fight Uber Lilith players have to reach level 90 and unlock World Tier 4. In order to defeat this boss players will need an extremely optimized character and build, since this boss has multiple DPS checks throughout the fight and deals enormous damage.

How to find Echo of Lilith?

Upon unlocking World Tier 4 along with level 90 players will receive a quest called Capstone Dungeon: Echo of Hatred. Travel to the Nevesk and enter the chapel where it all began, and you will be transported to the Echo of Hatred instance. Find the boss platform and brace yourself - the Uber Lilith fight is waiting for you.

Uber Lilith rewards

You might be wondering what rewards you will get by beating Uber Lilith. The answer will satisfy anyone who is aiming to do so. Players who beat Echo of Lilith will receive a prestigious title and a mount to go with it, as well as two extremely rare achievements. Here we have compiled a full list of rewards for killing Uber Lilith.

Echo of Lilith rewards:

  1. “Silence is Hellish“ achievement.
  2. “Final Slayer of the First“ achievement.
  3. “Lilith’s” title.
  4. “Doom” title.
  5. “Reins of the Bloody Liquid Steed“ mount.

As you can see the loot from the Echo of Lilith is extremely attractive to any player and brings a ton of prestige with it. The only issue is that beating Echo of Lilith requires an extremely powerful character along with knowing numerous mechanics of this fight.

How to beat Uber Lilith?

Echo of Lilith is an extremely difficult fight and the ultimate test of a player’s skill at the end game of Diablo 4. This fight has two stages and each stage has 3 phases. Some of the phases have attacks that are random in their patterns, which requires players not only to know about the type of attack they are facing but also to think on their feet and dodge the patterns correctly.

In this Uber Lilith strategy guide, you will learn more about the mechanics of the fight, as well as a general strategy for beating it. Here are the moves that this boss will be using against you in a fight and how to counter them.

Stage 1:

  1. Basic attack - Can be easily avoided or tanked.
  2. Blood orbs - These orbs will stay in the arena for 10 seconds, after which they will explode and kill your character immediately. They have to be destroyed as fast as possible.
  3. Spawn Enforcers - These adds aren’t dangerous by themselves, but they will hook you into other more deadly attacks that Uber Lillith Lilith has.
  4. Flame - Circle of fire that should be avoided but can also be tanked.
  5. Spawn Oppressors - Even more adds to deal with.
  6. Demonic Wave - This attack can have multiple dodge patterns and has to be avoided at all costs, otherwise it kills in one hit.

Stage 2:

  1. Spawn four Blood Puddles - These puddles will spawn fiery souls that can one-shot a player. They can be eliminated by either staggering Lilith (this removes 2 puddles at a time), or if you place them in specific areas puddles can be destroyed by her destroy platform ability.
  2. Destroy Platform - Uber Lilith will destroy platforms making the area for a fight much smaller than what you start with. This ability can also be used to get rid of Blood Puddles.
  3. Burning Ground - Lilith will apply a black substance that will be set on fire.
  4. Clone attack - A clone of Lilith will be spawned and use a triangular attack that has to be dodged.
  5. Whirlwind - Lilith will start spinning, sucking your character into the whirlwind and dealing damage. Use your evade ability to avoid this move.

As you can see there is a ton to learn before engaging in a fight with this hardcore boss.

Which class is the best for the Uber Lilith fight?

While all classes are great for fighting Echo of Lilith, Sorceress, and Necromancer with certain builds will have a slightly easier time than other classes. We would recommend Cold Stagger build for Sorceress in this particular fight, while for Necromancer Bone Spear build would be our choice.

If you are playing Rogue, then the Poison Twisted Blades build will fit the best for this fight, while for Barbarian we would recommend a Hammer of Ancients build. Last but not least is the Druid, and for this class, we would go with Werewolf Tornado build for fighting Uber Lilith.

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