Diablo 4 Dungeons

Diablo 4 dungeons are instances separated from the rest of the open world and restricted to a player and their group. There are over 150 dungeons in Diablo 4. Each dungeon reflects various characteristics of the area where it is found.

Clearing dungeons is a fast way to earn XP, gold, and some great loot in a short time. Loot in D4 dungeons does not drop according to the smart loot system, making it a great place to obtain items for other classes.

Diablo 4 Dungeon Rewards

Diablo 4 Dungeons are a great place to farm loot, gold, and experience. On top of it all, players also receive 20 renown points per dungeon clear, which only adds to the long list of benefits. However, the main benefit of clearing Diablo IV dungeons is the Aspect system.

Aspects are legendary powers that can be found inside the Codex. Aspects can be added to the gear in order to empower it with a passive. It can upgrade abilities, increase damage and defense, as well as grant extra mobility and survivability to the build.

Each dungeon has a fixed Aspect it unlocks, meaning there is no need to hope for a good aspect. Simply select the dungeon you want and enjoy your newfound aspect after clearing it.

Stronghold Dungeons in D4

Some dungeons in this game are not accessible right off the bat and require to be unlocked first. Unlocking happens by clearing the stronghold that comes before the dungeons. Much like other dungeons, these can be found by looking for an iron gate icon on the in-game map. Some strongholds can be quite challenging, which means that players have to be prepared more than usual.

Diablo IV Dungeon Tasks

Diablo 4 Dungeons, unlike their predecessors in previous games, feature various tasks that have to be completed in order to clear the dungeon. It is no longer about killing enough demons in a short period of time. Now players are required to scour the dungeon in search of levers, prisoners to free, chests to open, and a lot more. This makes D4 Dungeons a more challenging and complete experience than it ever was previously.

Nightmare Dungeons in Diablo 4

There are two types of dungeons in Diablo IV - Regular Dungeons and Nightmare dungeons. Nightmare dungeons always operate on a nightmare difficulty and contain a sigil that adds a difficulty modifier, making the dungeon harder to clear. At the same time, it also increases the quality of the rewards, which makes nightmare dungeons more challenging and profitable at the same time.

Clearing Nightmare difficulty dungeons unlocks even more sigil modifiers. Said modifiers can also be crafted by players. However, due to how expensive it can get, clearing nightmare dungeons is a more efficient way of unlocking new sigils.

How Hard Are Dungeons in Diablo IV?

D4 dungeons greatly vary in how hard they can be. There is a huge jump in difficulty between Normal and Nightmare dungeons. Another significant jump in difficulty can be found by switching to a higher world tier. There are a total of 4 world tiers in this game. Higher world tiers also introduce new sigils for Nightmare dungeons, making them way more challenging, but also rewarding.

Dungeon Types in Diablo 4

There are multiple dungeon types in D4, and each one of them has its unique quirks and rewards. Here is a list of Diablo IV dungeon types.

Dungeon Type


Keyed Dungeons

Hardcore dungeons, difficulty in which increases by adding various modifiers and affixes. Most of the keyed dungeons are found in the open world. Players will be informed about these dungeons before going in so they have a better chance to prepare.

Nightmare Dungeons

Some dungeons have a nightmare equivalent. Nightmare mode is unlocked upon locating a Nightmare Sigil. Said sigil introduces various affixes to the dungeon, but also increases rewards for completing it.

Capstone Dungeons

Capstone dungeons unlock after a player finishes the main story of the game. They are way longer and more difficult than normal dungeons. Completing a Capstone Dungeon unlocks World Tiers.

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