D4 Lunar Awakening

From February 6 at 10 a.m. to February 20 at 10 a.m. PST, players across Seasonal and Eternal Realms can revel in the Lunar Awakening, a limited-time event. Throughout Sanctuary's shrines, a captivating occurrence is unfolding, endowing them with abundant and thriving energy. Many participants view this as a benediction from their Ancestors, honoring them from the afterlife in recognition of this festive period!

Discover and trigger Lunar Shrines across various regions and activities in Sanctuary. When activated, you'll receive a 50% bonus XP (multiplicative) and enjoy a 30% boost in movement speed, along with a multitude of enhancements. Additionally, you'll accumulate reputation through Ancestors Favor.

The Lunar Awakening Begins

Immerse yourself in the Lunar Awakening festivities by visiting Ked Bardu and heading to its Northern district. There, you'll encounter Ying-Yue, the head of the Lunar Night Market, your primary location for the event. Here, you can exchange your Ancestor’s Favor reputation for lavish rewards themed around Lunar Renewal.

Scattered across Sanctuary are Lunar Shrines. Venture through dungeons and the open world, triggering Lunar Shrines and defeating foes to amass a substantial Ancestors Favor reputation.

Lunar Shrines stand out with their dragon-themed decorations in honor of the Lunar Awakening. They also feature a distinctive Map icon, allowing for easy spotting from afar.

Throughout the Lunar Awakening event, Nightmare Dungeon Sigils may come with an Ancestor’s Favor dungeon affix, ensuring the exclusive appearance of Lunar Shrines in that dungeon. Completing these dungeons not only brings extra Shrines but also awards a 10% bonus in Glyph XP! Even after the event concludes, any Nightmare Dungeon Sigils with the Ancestor’s Favor Affix will keep it, enabling you to continue reaping the benefits well beyond the end of Lunar Awakening.

Lunar Shrines & Ancestors Favor

Lunar Shrines pulse with an enigmatic and powerful force. Participants in the Lunar Awakening interpret this force as the spirits of ancestors returning to partake in the celebration. To align with the festivities, some Shrines have transformed into Lunar Shrines, donning a festive look. While operating like standard Shrines, Lunar Shrines have been enhanced to pack an extra punch in honor of the celebration.

In addition to their usual abilities, Lunar Shrines offer a thrilling bonus effect. Details of the Lunar Shrine effects are outlined below.

Enhanced Lunar Shrine Powers:

  • Artillery Shrine: Casting spells may call forth a divine explosive.
  • Blast Wave Shrine: Explosions trigger additional area bombardments.
  • Channeling Shrine: Boosted attack rate with a chance for instant skill refresh.
  • Conduit Shrine: Regularly unleashes potent, electrifying strikes.
  • Greed Shrine: Potential to spawn a Treasure Goblin. Active Shrines summon a Treasure Goblin after 25 kills and a second one after 50 kills.
  • Lethal Shrine: A hit may instantly slay a monster, instilling Fear in nearby foes. This effect applies to Elites but not to Bosses or other Players.
  • Protection Shrine: Reflects all incoming damage, scaling with your Level and World Tier.

Moreover, Miserly spirits emerge as soon as a Lunar Shrine is activated, offering immediate benefits from the Shrine's unique enhancements.

Additionally, Lunar Awakening themed Whisper bounties are available throughout the event making them an excellent place to earn Ancestors Favor reputation while appeasing the Tree of Whispers!

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