Midwinter Proofs Farm

Midwinter Proofs
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Buy Midwinter Proofs farming - get any amount of this event currency in the shortest time possible. Obtain all Midwinter Blight rewards without extra grind and effort. This serivce is a perfect solution for players who want to get all those juicy rewards until they are gone. Simply get our Midwinter Proofs boost and we will handle the rest.

Start time: 1 hour | Boost takes: flexible.

Diablo 4 Midwinter Proofs farm includes:

  1. Chosen number of Midwinter Proofs.
  2. Some Midwinter Tribute reputation.
  3. Gold and other resources that can drop during the service.

You can buy Midwinter Proofs while the Midwinter Blight event is active in Diablo 4 Season of Blood. The service is available on all platforms: PC, PS & Xbox.


  • Midwinter Blight event active;
  • seasonal character;
  • this service is piloted.

How It Works

Our Midwinter Proofs farming service is easy to get and it is very customer-friendly. Here is a short step-by-step guide on the entire process.

  1. Choose your desired options and place your order.
  2. Our team will reach out to you within 4-7 minutes.
  3. We'll agree on all necessary details and schedule the boost to suit your convenience.
  4. We'll assign a skilled booster who matches your availability.
  5. Our team will farm all necessary resources and get the desired number of Midwinter Proofs.
  6. Sit back and appreciate the outcome!

If you have any questions before buying Midwinter Blight Proofs, feel free to contact our online-support via online-chat, or discord. We are working 24/7 and will always be happy to help with any issues or provide a custom offer on request.

Midwinter Proofs Rewards

Head to Kyovashad in Gileon and choose the 'Open Event Shop' feature. Here, you'll find a variety of rewards available for redemption using the Midwinter Proofs currency.

Cosmetic Back Trophies

Name Class Cost
Periapt of the Long Night Moon Barbarian 50 Proofs
Zemi of the Long Night Moon Druid 50 Proofs
Veil of the Long Night Moon Necromancer 50 Proofs
Masque of the Long Night Moon Rogue 50 Proofs
Domino of the Long Night Moon Sorcerer 50 Proofs

Weapon Cosmetics

Name Type Cost
Midwinter Tomahawk Axe 20 Proof
Midwinter Dirk Dagger 20 Proof
Capric Fetish Totem 20 Proof
Midwinter Beacon Focus 20 Proof
Aegis of Thorri Shield 20 Proof
Midwinter Talwaar Sword 20 Proof
Midwinter Catapult Crossbow 20 Proof
Midwinter Staff Staff 20 Proof

Other Rewards

Reward Cost
Midwinter Blight Mount Trophy 30 Proof
Shard of Dawn Offensive Legendary Aspect 10 Proof
Midwinter Spoils 8 Proof
Gileon’s Brew 1 Proof
  1 Proof

How to Get Midwinter Proofs?

Apart from ordering Midwinter Proofs from our shop, you can also can try to get some of them on your own. Here are some tips and tricks we recommend to use while farming Midwinter Proofs during Midwinter Blight event.

After updating, upon accessing the map, you'll notice a purple area within Fractured Peaks, indicating your exploration and combat zone. This zone is inhabited by special blight enemies. Defeating these enemies will reward you with event-specific drops. Accumulate these resources and then return to Kyovashad to trade them at the Collection's Table in exchange for Midwinter Proof.

The primary event currency, essential for buying cosmetics and shop items, includes Blighted Fragments from Blightfiends, Lost Heirlooms from Frigid Husks, and Red-Cloaked Trophies from Red-Cloaked Horror.


To exchange for 1 Midwinter Proof at Midwinter Square, you'll need any of the following:

  • x300 Blighted Fragments gives you 1 Midwinter Proof
  • x30 Lost Heirlooms gives you 1 Midwinter Proof
  • x1 Red-Cloaked Trophy gives you 1 Midwinter Proof
Midwinter Proofs
Please contact our managers to order this item