Diablo 4 Echo of Malphas Kill

Uber Malphas | 910-925 Ilvl Gear

Uber Malphas boost is a service to kill a new Diablo 4 boss introduced in Season 3 of the game. This boss can be fought in World Tier IV. Buy an Uber Malphas carry to get a fast and smooth Uber Malphas kill along with various rewards and achievements.

Uber Malphas is the boss added in D4’s third season – Season of the Construct. It can be tedious to farm this fight over and over to get some good loot, but we have a solution. Our Uber Malphas carries are fast since they are performed by professional D4 players. Buy Uber Malphas service and forget about having to min-max your build for hours and just leave everything to us.

Boost takes: 20 minutes | Start time: 15 minutes.

Diablo 4 Uber Malphas carry includes:

  1. Uber Malphas boss kill.
  2. Legendary items (with a high chance for Uber and Unique items).
  3. Chance to get Uber Unique stones (f.e. Evernight Stone).
  4. All related achievements.
  5. Gold and other loot dropped during the service.

Our Uber Malphas boosts are available with piloted & self-play options. However, before purchasing an Uber Malphas kill carry, please have a look at the requirements for this service.


  • World Tier IV unlocked;
  • campaign completed;
  • softcore character.

How Uber Malphas Carry Works

If you are wondering how our Diablo 4 Malphas boosting works, we have prepared this detailed step-by-step breakdown of the entire process.

How it works:

  1. Take a look at the service requirements and proceed to the checkout.
  2. After the purchase, we will contact you within 3 to 7 minutes to schedule the boost.
  3. We will defeat Malphas at the scheduled time.
  4. All you have left is to enjoy your rewards!

Uber Malphas Unique Loot

Uber Malphas drops a ton of unique loot, however, currently, there is no information available about specific items we can expect. This page will be updated with all of the loot as soon as this information goes live.

Diablo 4 Uber Malphas Boosting Benefits

Diablo IV Malphas carry is the fastest way to receive a bunch of loot, cosmetic rewards, achievements, and materials without having to spend time on farming this fight. Use our D4 Uber Malphas carry and receive all of the aforementioned rewards in a stress-free environment with a team of professional players.

Forget about constant wipes and character min-maxing. Our players will kill Uber Malphas quickly, while your character stays in a safe spot. Then you can join the fight and get all the loot.

Our Diablo 4 Uber Malphas kill boost will help you to:

  • destroy the hardest boss in season 3 without stress;
  • have fun defeating Uber Malphas;
  • save hours upon hours of time on preparation;
  • get various other amazing rewards.

If you have any questions regarding the Uber Malphas carry service in Diablo 4 or want to add something extra to it, do not hesitate to get in touch with us directly. We are ready to assist 24/7 via online chat, or Discord. Make your Diablo IV gameplay more enjoyable with Boosthive today!

Uber Malphas | 910-925 Ilvl Gear