WotLK Classic Professions

Leveling up the profession in Wrath classic is not an easy task even for the most hardcore veteran players. Each character has two primary and three secondary professions that need to be maxed out to be useful in raids. It may take days of playtime, insane amounts of gold, and some scarce resources! It can get crazy, especially at the start of the expansion. However, buying the Wrath Classic professions boost can take all the stress out of this tedious task!

Classic WotLK Professions Boost Explained

Top-level professions are crucial in the Wrath of the Lich King expansion as they not only allow to farm gold but prepare for the more challenging PvP and PvE content. Getting a Classic WotLK profession boost is the key to success in the early stages of character development. With the right choice of profession, any character will always be geared up, filthy rich, and ahead of casual players.

But what if you don't have those extra gaming hours for resource farming and not that much gold to buy everything from the auction house? What if there is no interest in leveling up that mining skill to power blacksmithing in WotLK? Nothing to worry about here, as Boosthive got you covered!

Our fast WotLK Classic profession leveling service allows players to boost any of the main professions in just under a couple of days! Additionally, by purchasing Wrath of the Lich King profession boost you will get:

  • a veteran booster who knows the most efficient way of Classic profession leveling;
  • a level 450 for any chosen primary or secondary profession;
  • a continuous 24/7 customer support during a WoW Classic profession boost;
  • 100% guarantee on order completion;
  • and all the materials are obtained manually without spending any of your gold.

So you might be wondering, how does profession leveling in WotLK works? Let’s take a look. It is a pretty straightforward process that works like a piloted carry. Our profession booster will power level any primary/secondary prof skill to the max while you enjoy free time or sleep. We can schedule the boost at any time convenient so that not a single hour of gaming time is lost in WotLK Classic.

Once you log back in at the specifically discussed time, professions will be maxed out and you may proceed with crafting some pre-raiding gear or healing arena teammates with powerful first aid bandages.

Profession leveling in WotLK Classic

There are quite a few changes to the profession leveling introduced in Wrath of the Lich King Classic. Some of them are minor such as changes in the resources needed for a particular skill bracket to major ones like adding a brand new profession. Let us first have a look at what WotLK Classic professions can boost.

Classic WotLK professions available for boosting:

Primary professions:

  • Alchemy - сraft potions and elixirs;
  • Jewelcrafting - craft necklaces, rings and gems;
  • Blacksmithing  - heavy plate armor crafting from bars and ore;
  • Enchanting - add stat bonuses to items;
  • Engineering - lots of great utility items;
  • Herbalism - gather herbs and other resources;
  • Leatherworking - craft of leather armor in Wrath Classic;
  • Mining - farm ore and create metal bars;
  • Skinning - gather leather;
  • Tailoring - craft powerful cloth armor for caster classes.
  • Inscription - create glyphs to improve class abilities.

Secondary professions:

  • Cooking - cook food with stat bonuses.
  • First Aid - craft bandages and heal allies in PvP;
  • Fishing - grind resources for Alchemy and Cooking.

With such a variety of professions, and especially with the newly added one, it might be difficult to pick the one that suits your character the best. However, there are always some guidelines in picking a profession. Professions boosting services in WotLK Classic can help any character a lot, if chosen correctly. They can also leave players with no gold if the choice was wrong, so read the next bit carefully if you are a first-time player.

What is the Best Profession in Wrath of the Lich King Classic?

Usually, there is no definitive answer to this question. Everything depends on what you are looking to accomplish with leveling of a particular WotLK profession. There are 3 main reasons for purchasing a particular prof. leveling. They are:

  1. Earn as much gold as possible.
  2. Max out a character.
  3. Help guild and raid members.

So when you know what you are looking to get from a profession it is time to choose. Simply follow those easy Wrath Classic profession tips and enjoy.

How to pick the best profession in Wrath of the Lich King Classic?

  1. Understand class’ needs.
  2. Pick a profession based on the armor type.
  3. Pick the second profession that can supply resources for the first one.
  4. Get all secondary professions leveled up.
  5. Enjoy gameplay.

That is the most optimal solution for anyone who wants to max out their character in WotLK Classic with professions and earn some gold in the process. However, for many players in this expansion, the best choice of profession would be Engineering. Extremely difficult to max out, but has some of the best utility from any of them. Grandmaster engineers are also able to craft some unique mounts, among other things.

If you are heading towards the “earn all the gold” route, then two gathering WotLK professions is the way to go. Resources cost tons of money at the beginning of the expansion and it is possible to make a fortune with something like herbalism and mining.

Fastest Way to Boost Classic WotLK Professions

The most obvious answer to that would be to hire a professional booster from our top-notch carry team who knows exactly how to handle any profession leveling in this new WoW Classic expansion. Classic Wrath is the add-on with lots of content that needs time to conquer, therefore we offer to spend gaming time on something fun and exciting and leave the resource grinding and profession leveling to us. Enjoy the game and buy WotLK professional boosting services!

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