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4 Raids Bundle

Destiny 2 three raid bundle boost is the unique opportunity to get the top PvE raids of the game in one smooth and fast run. Complete the Vault of Glass, Last Wish, Garden of Salvation, Deep Stone Crypt with a professional PvE boosting team and get awesome rewards, legendary loot, and exotic weapons.

Boost delivery time and ETA: 24 hours.

Each of the 4 raids can also be purchased separately but only buying the full 4-Raid bundle allows you to get them with a 20% discount!

The Destiny 2 Season of the Hunt raid bundle carry service includes:

  • completion of all 4 raids(Vault of Glass, Deep Stone Crypt, Last Wish and Garden of Salvation);
  • raid emblems (after first clear);
  • raid triumphs;
  • A lot of legendary loot and shades;
  • Chance to get Raid Exotics: One Thousand Voices, Eyes of The Tomorrow.

Additional options for 4-raid bundle:

  • unlock secret chests - open all raid secret chests;

Before buying the Destiny 2 raid bundle please check the requirements that need to be met for this type of carry service.


  • Shadowkeep DLC;
  • Forsaken DLC;
  • Beyond Light DLC;
  • 1300+ power level.
  • This boost is piloted & requires account sharing

Buying 4 Raid bundle boost in D2

Purchasing all 4 raids in Season of the Hunt is a great option for those who wish to complete the most challenging PvE activities of the game. Apart from getting great rewards and achievements players will also have a chance to loot awesome exotic weapons and legendary armor.

Additionally completing the raids with a team of professional players will allow you to grasp the boss encounters tactics, team composition, and precious experience allowing you to re-kill those bosses later. We offer 4 D2 SotH Raids for sale:

  • Last Wish;
  • Garden of Salvation;
  • Deep Stone Crypt
  • Vault of Glass
All 4 Raids Bundle