SoD BiS Gear Boost

SoD BiS Gear | Phase 3
$2 125

Buy BiS gear in Season of Discovery and get full best-in-slot for your class and spec gear. Acquiring the complete SoD BiS gear list is the optimal choice for maximizing your character's potential.

With the top SoD BiS gear boost for sale, now you can easily obtain all the gear for your character. Our team will ensure that your character receives the best gear tailored to your spec through crafting, Phase 3 dungeons and Sunken Temple raid.

Start time: 1-2 hours | Boost takes: up to 8 weeks.
SoD BiS gear boosting service includes:
  1. Top Season of Discovery BiS lists for your spec obtained.
  2. Several Sunken Temple runs.
  3. Phase 3 dungeons completion.
  4. All items from the selected BiS list looted.
  5. Professional advice and guidance on the BiS items.

Buy SoD BiS gear service and get Best-in-slot items available in Phase 3. Before placing your order, we recommend speaking with one of our experienced managers who can provide you with more information about this offer.

In addition, please review the basic requirements you need to meet before purchasing the SoD BiS gear farming service.

  • SoD account;
  • this service is piloted;
  • 50 level.

How It Works

SoD Best-in-Slot gear boost is done only according to one particular BiS list previously agreed before the start of the boost.

Let's see how this service will be accomplished.

  1. Select SoD BiS gear on our website and proceed to checkout.
  2. You have your BiS list in mind and speak to our manager to re-confirm the availability.
  3. Once everything is settled, we would proceed with the order of the SoD BiS gear carry.
  4. Our boosting team will assist your character in obtaining all the necessary items from raids and dungeons, ensuring the completion of your BiS gear.
  5. The process can take time but we will do everything as fast as possible. Please note that some desired items may not drop for several weeks.
  6. Once all Best-in-Slot items are obtained, the boost is considered complete.
  7. We hope you enjoy playing your character with the top gear in the game!

The SoD BiS lists differences in armor type, stat priority, and gear-ability synergy. Before placing an order, we recommend consulting with our managers to clarify the entire Season of Discovery BiS list for your class and specialization.

Season of Discovery BiS Gear Lists

Getting equipped with the best gear for your class and specialization can be quite challenging and time-consuming, especially at the start of the new phase. That's why we use BiS gear lists from top SoD guides to assemble the best gear for you. If you can't get some equipment, then we will replace it with the best or second-BiS gear.

If you have any questions or would like to clarify the details of your order, please contact us via chat on the website or Discord. We work 24/7 and are ready to help you with any requests. We are ready to provide you with this service at any time, so that it is convenient for you to apply for services at Boosthive!

SoD BiS Gear | Phase 3
$2 125