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Classic Era Dungeons Boost

Classic Era Dungeons

WoW Classic dungeons boost is a fast run through any of the instances in Classic Era. Classic dungeons take a lot of time and effort to finish. Plus pug groups may disband, making it even harder to finish the run. Our professional team will complete the chosen dungeon getting new loot and completing the quests there for you.

Start time: flexible / Boost takes: 1-2 hours per run.

WoW Classic Era dungeon carry:

  1. Chosen Classic Era dungeons completed.
  2. Some loot (green or blue) & gold obtained during the run.
  3. Dungeon quests completed (if you have any):
    • please inform us beforehand if you have any quests in the dungeon.
  4. VPN for additional account protection.
  5. Personal Livestream.

You can select any number of WoW classic dungeon runs with our flexible calculator. You will get a nice discount for picking more runs at once.

Please note, that if you buy Classic Era dungeons farm service at night, the waiting time of the start may be extended.

Please inform us if you are playing on non-English speaking servers as it may create some communication barriers when creating a party group.


  • appropriate level for the selected dungeon;
  • no specific gear requirements.

Classic Era Dungeon Boosting Service

Our Classic Era dungeon boosts are very simple and easy. Here are some tips:

  1. Chose the desired dungeon in Classic Era.
  2. Make sure that your level is appropriate to enter.
  3. Select the number of runs by moving the slider to the right side.
  4. Go to check-out page and fill in all the information.
  5. After you buy Classic Era dungeons we will contact you to set everything up.
  6. Our team logs onto your character on the agreed time frame and does the run.
  7. After your Classic Era dungeon carries are completed, we will inform you.

That's it, it is a very easy and customer-friendly method, It will help you get some of the juicy rewards. In case you still have some questions, feel free to contact us in online chat, skype, or discord. Our 24/7 available managers will be happy to help you.

Classic Dungeons Level Requirements

All instances in Vanilla can be divided into low-level, medium, and high-level dungeons. You cannot enter any Classic Era dungeon if your level is too low. Moreover, it is recommended to have an average level appropriate for that specific dungeons.

For example, Deadmines are supposed for level 18-23 players. However, if you go there right after reaching 18 LVL, you will be completely smashed by elite enemies. So it is recommended to have at least 20-21 LvL characters before the run.

List of WoW Classic Era dungeons recommended levels:

Dungeon Level Dungeon Level
Ragefire Chasm 13-18 SM: Library 29-39
Wailing Caverns 15-25 SM: Armory 32-42
The Deadmines 18-23 SM: Cathedral 35-45
Shadowfang Keep 22-30 Razorfen Downs 40-50
Blackfathom Deeps 24-32 Uldaman 42-52
The Stockade 22-30 Zul'Farrak 44-54
Gnomeregan 29-38 Mara: Wicked Grotto 45-53
Razorfen Kraul 30-40 Mara: Foulspore Cavern 45-53
SM: Graveyard 26-36 Mara: Earth Song Falls 48-57
Temple of Atal'Hakkar 55-60 Blackrock Depths 52-60
Dire Maul: West 58-60 Lower Blackrock Spire 55-60
Dire Maul: East 58-60 Scholomance 58-60
Dire Maul: North 58-60 Stratholme: Main&Service 57-60

We keep our Classic Era dungeon boost prices one of the lowest on the market. Feel free to choose several runs and enjoy the whole process.

Classic Era Dungeons