SoD Pre Raid Gear

Pre raid gear | Phase 3

Season of Discovery pre-raid gear boost is a service that will help you to prepare for all the difficult content that the second phase of SoD has to offer. We will obtain some of the best gear you can find before entering the raid, fully preparing you for it. Buy SoD pre-raid gear and secure a raid slot in pretty much any group.

Forget about having to stress over finding proper gear to get into a raid or complete difficult world-quests, when we can find it for you instead. Season of Discovery pre-raid gear for sale will ensure you have a smooth journey in this version of the game.

Start time: flexible (depends on your realm) | Boost takes: 1-2 days.

Season of Discovery pre-raid gear boosting includes:

  1. Full set of pre-raid gear for your chosen class.
  2. A bunch of dungeons and quests completed.
  3. All the loot, gear, and gold obtained during the boost.
  4. Manual service completion.

Additional options:

  • Selfplay - you play on your character during the service. This option is currently available on EU-Horde Lone Wolf realm.
  • Stream - watch as we farm pre-raid gear for you live on stream.
  • Add gold - buy some gold to be fully prepared for the endgame content.

We offer a live stream of the service as an additional option, but please make sure to request it before the boost starts so we have enough time to prepare. Before you buy SoD pre-raid gear boost, please make sure to take a quick look at the basic requirements for this service.


  • level 50 SoD character.

How it Works

If you are interested in our offer of SoD pre-raid gear for sale but are still interested in how it works, we have prepared this short guide that will guide you through how the service works.

  • Specify a class that you want pre-raid gear for.
  • Proceed to the checkout.
  • After you finalize your payment wait 3 to 7 minutes for us to contact you directly.
  • We will specify all the necessary details and start the order completion.
  • We will complete world quests, craft gear, and complete a bunch of dungeons farming some of pre-raid gear in SoD.
  • That’s it! Enjoy your newfound gear and get into raids without issues!

Please note, that this service does not include reputation farm. Some reputation gear will be replaced with analogies that are faster to get.

If you have any questions or wish to add something to your order, please feel free to reach out to us via the live chat here on the website or contact us via Discord. We operate 24/7 and are always ready to assist. Enhance your Season of Discovery adventure with Boosthive today!

Pre raid gear | Phase 3