The Coil Boost

The Coil Activity Farm
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The Coil farm service is the source of the latest Season of the Wish weapons and armor. Introduced in Season 23, The Coil is an innovative rogue-like activity for trios, where Guardians pick power-ups and face a series of progressively challenging encounters.

Even seasoned players might find the final levels of the Coil complex However, our Coil farming service is here to help. Skip the tedious grind and achieve the highest rewards efficiently with the assistance of our professional fireteams.

Start time: 15 minutes | Boost takes: Flexible

The Coil activity boost includes:

  1. The Coil activity completion.
  2. New seasonal weapons and armor pieces.
  3. Seasonal Engrams.
  4. All additional drops that you obtain during this farm.
  5. Experience boost for your Artifact and Season Pass level.

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  • Destiny 2 account with Lightfall Deluxe or Season of the Wish purchased;
  • The Coil activity unlocked;
  • 1800+ Light Level.

The Coil Activity Overview

The Coil, a new season activity in Destiny 2, is an endless, more challenging variant of Riven's Lair, blending roguelite elements with escalating difficulty. It's crucial to plan your loadout based on The Coil's daily modifiers, similar to preparing for Master Nightfalls or Legendary Campaign missions. Each boss defeated in The Coil increases the enemy's Power Level, with the challenge intensifying the longer you play.

Navigating Pathways in The Coil

In Destiny 2's Coil activity, each pathway includes four encounters and a boss fight. Key to success is collecting Wishing Glass Shards from broken pots and defeated enemies for powerful Dragon's Gifts and unlocking hidden chests. After each boss, prepare for the next pathway or opt to exit; the activity continues until your team wipes or completes enough pathways.

The Coil Activity Farm
Please contact our managers to order this item