Necrochasm Exotic


Necrochasm is an exotic auto rifle in Destiny 2 that can be obtained with a 1% chance drop after defeating Crota. Crota is the final boss in the Crota's End raid so obtaining Necrochasm is not a joke. Getting Necrochasm requires farming the boss weekly and looking for fireteams, which is not an easy task for most of the single-player guardians. That's why purchasing Necrochasm boost is a perfect way to save a lot of time and nerves.

Destiny 2 Necrochasm carry is a service of farming the Crota's encounter in Crota's End weekly until the exotic rifle is received. It's not a chance, it's guaranteed completion. Get some quality time pawning opponents in PvE or PvP activities with one of the best S22 rifles.

Start time: 15-30 minutes / Boost takes: 15-20 mins per boss kill and approx 1h per week.

The Necrochasm carries rewards:

  1. Necrochasm exotic auto rifle obtained.
  2. The end boss Crota defeated 3 times weekly (until drop).
  3. Full raid completion (optional).
  4. Unique Red Weapons for your Crafting Weapons system.
  5. Pinnacle Crota's End raid weapons and armor.


  • 1800+ power level.
  • the boost is a recovery (piloted).

How Necrochasm boost works

You may select any number of tries by picking the "select the number of runs" additional options. This way Necrochasm purchase is a single run and not a guaranteed drop but you can manage as many as you want for a more comfortable price.

If you are still unsure whether you would like to get our Necrochasm for sale or if you simply want to unlock all the craftable weapons, please chat with one of our support managers. They are available 24/7 and would be glad to assist you and explain everything you need to know about this exotic rifle boost that we have for sale.

How to get Necrochasm and what it does

With the opening of the returning Crota's End raid in Season 22 of the Lightfall DLC a new (actually from the original game) weapon is added to the loot pull from the Crota boss. Originally there was a quest behind this exotic but most likely in D2 version it will be a random drop from the Crota Encounter. If that is the case consider the Necrochasm drop rate very low, around 1%, and the chance of finding a fireteam that can beat the entire raid and the last boss itself is another pain in that quest but the weapon is totally worth it, and here is why.

Necrochasm is a complement to this season's full-blown hive theme at the start. Its Intrinsic perk is Cursebringer - when defeating an enemy a Cursed Thrall explosion will occur from that target leading to a chain of coladoral damage to anything within a mile of each other, similar to Sunshot. We feel like today that won't be enough so most likely there will be a lot of other cherries on top like with the Touch of Malice in the past. And btw it was a 900 rpm arc auto rifle, and if it were to be made this way in D2 we would have a new unique archetype since auto rifles stop at 720 rpm.

How to get Necrochasm catalyst and what it does?

Unfortunately, there was no catalyst for Necrochasm in the original game. However, we think that we will get the Necrochasm catalyst somehow by a quest or the Master version of the raid.

Having said that, we’ll need more time before we can conclude if is there a new catalyst and how strong this Necrochasm catalyst actually is.