Atrifice Warlord's Ruin Armor Boost

Artifice Warlord's Ruin Armor Set

Buy the Artifice Armor Set for an exclusive Dark Age-inspired appearance. Given the random and low drop rates, collecting all the pieces can be quite challenging. In addition to enhancing your chances of completing the artifice armor set, our Artifice Dark Age boost service also opens up avenues to acquire other coveted dungeon rewards, making your overall gaming experience more rewarding.

Collecting all the pieces can be demanding due to their random and low drop rates. The Dark Age artifice armor boost service will secure dungeon completion and a chance to loot a new Buried Bloodline Exotic Sidearm.

Start time: 15 minutes | Boost takes: Flexible

Artifice Dark Age Suit boost includes:

  1. Artifice Warlord's Ruin Armor Set or desired parts of the set.
  2. Pinnacle rewards for the first weekly completions.
  3. Chance to get Weapons from the dungeon.
  4. Lots of random drops during the order completion.
  5. Experience boost for your Artifact and Season Pass level.

Before purchasing, please check out our basic requirements for your order completion.


  • Destiny 2 account with Lightfall Deluxe or Season of the Wish purchased;
  • 1945+ Light Level.

How Warlord's Ruin Artifice Armor Set Boost Works

We've made the process of ordering the Artifice Dark Age Suit boost as simple as possible to avoid any difficulties for you. It's genuinely straightforward – take a look:

  1. Choose the options you need.
  2. Complete the order by making the payment.
  3. We reach out to you within 3-7 minutes.
  4. We discuss the details of your order, coordinate the completion time, and you provide us with the necessary data for service.
  5. We will farm a new dungeon and get new armor from the new Season of the Wish Dungeon.
  6. You enjoy the high-quality service we've provided.

If you want to track the progress or have any remaining questions, feel free to ask in the website chat or reach out to us on Discord. We operate 24/7 and will be happy to address any inquiries you may have.

Artifice Warlord's Ruin Armor Set