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Lost Sector Exotic Guaranteed

 Here you can buy D2 New Lost Sectors Exotics in Season of the Hunt. It's a brand-new armor Exotics which farmable only in Legend\Master Lost sectors.

Boost ETA: 24-48 hours

Choose Exotic what you need from list. Solo completion of new lost sectors grant you around 5% chance to get an exotic armor piece in current rotation slot.

Lost Sector Exotics List:

  • Mask of Bakris - replace Hunter's dodge with a blink
  • Athry's Embrace - makes your solar knife heavier and deadlier
  • Precious Scars - grants overshield and bonus HP after you revive a teammate
  • Icefall Mantle - grants a shield of ice instead of barricade
  • Dawn Chorus - improves burn effects on solar ultimate
  • Necrotic Grip - melees cause a poison effect

Every exotic has a 5% drop chance after each completion of Legendary\Master lost sector, also your character has to be 1231 powerlevel for Legendary, 1261 powerlevel for Master Nightfall


  • 1231\1261 powerlevel of character
  • Only desired exotics missing in collection
  • D2 Beyond Light DLC
  • Beyond Light Campaign completed
  • Lost sector Explored
Lost Sector Exotics