Season Of The Wish Seal Boost

Season Of The Wish Seal

Buy Season Of The Wish Seal carry to obtain the Wishbearer title and seal with the help of our experts, allowing you to avoid the stress of successfully completing all the trials required for acquisition. Your order will be handled by individuals with extensive experience in Destiny 2, making the Wishbearer Title boost a breeze for you.

By obtaining the Title, Seal, and all associated rewards, you'll prove to everyone that you are one of the best players in Destiny 2. Simply arrange the Season Of The Wish triumphs boost, and we'll take care of all the challenging work for you.

Start time: 15 minutes | Boost takes: Flexible

Wishbearer Title carry service includes:

  1. Wishbearer Title.
  2. Exotic Ghost Shell and Wyrmguard.
  3. Seasonal Armor and Weapons.
  4. Seasonal Engrams.
  5. Pinnacle Rewards.
  6. Season Pass and Artifact Exp.
  7. Other loot that might drop during the boost.

Before purchasing, please check out our basic requirements for your order completion.


  • 2000+ Power level;
  • Lightfall DLC Access;
  • this service is made in Recovery.

Wishbearer Title boost in Recovery

Meeting the requirements for all triumphs demands special skills from the player. To guarantee your acquisition of the Wishbearer title, we have chosen to stick to the Recovery option.


This option involves an experienced Destiny 2 player playing on your behalf. This not only saves you time by allowing your character to level up without using your personal time but also enables us to focus entirely on fulfilling your order without being distracted by your in-game online schedule.

It's worth noting that Recovery is entirely safe for you, as we adhere to all precautionary measures. For maximum compliance with your location, we use a local VPN. We do not use cheats, bots, or any exploits, so you can rest assured that there won’t be any potential bans.

How to Unlock the Wishbearer Title

To attain the prestigious Wishbearer title in Destiny 2, you need to complete all Season of the Wish Triumphs.

Here is a clear table of all triumphs for your convenience:

The Parting Glass

Complete the quest "Wishing All the Best."

Bonus Action

Complete and acquire all Seasonal bonuses.

0 Guardian Mine

Reset your rank with the Spirit of Riven.

Lair Crawler

Complete pathways in Riven's Lair. Completing pathways in The Coil grants increased progress.

Riven’s Relics

Open chests in Riven's Lair and The Coil.

Rolled Stats

Purchase Dragon's Gifts in The Coil using Fused Wishing Glass.

Weapon Proficiency

Defeat combatants in the Dreaming City. Targets defeated in Seasonal activities award additional progress.

Heroic Effort

Complete a run of The Coil.

Familiar Felines

Find the Queen's visitors.


Keep it secret. Keep it safe.

As you can see, acquiring the Wishbearer title requires completing numerous activities, some of which demand expert control of your character.

We respect everyone attempting to achieve this independently, but in case you need assistance, we can help you obtain the title in full or complete specific triumphs that may be challenging for you. Just specify your needs when placing your order, and we'll do our best to ensure your satisfaction.

How Season Of The Wish Full Seal Carry Works

We've made the process of ordering the Wishbearer title boost as simple as possible to avoid any difficulties for you. It's genuinely straightforward – take a look:

  1. Choose the options you need.
  2. Complete the order by making the payment.
  3. We reach out to you within 3-7 minutes.
  4. We discuss the details of your order, coordinate the completion time, and you provide us with the necessary data for Recovery service.
  5. We complete all the required triumphs and obtain the long-awaited title for you.
  6. You enjoy the high-quality service we've provided.

If you want to track the progress or have any remaining questions, feel free to ask in the website chat or reach out to us on Discord. We operate 24/7 and will be happy to address any inquiries you may have.

Season Of The Wish Seal