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Enchanting Leveling

Buying the enchanting boost unlocks you the perfect way to earn some additional gold from every useless epic gear you loot in dungeons and raids. Expensive enchanting materials, top recipes, and always fully enchanted characters are just a few of the great perks you get from WoW Enchanting leveling service.

Enchanting carry rewards:

  1. Enchanting skill leveled in chosen expansion.
  2. A lot of enchanting recipes for the following item slots:
  3. Crafted Enchanting Wands

Boost ETA: 4-5 hours for each expansion

We will level up your Enchanting skills in the fastest way using the most inexpensive guides possible. There're some minimal requirements before purchasing this service.


  • 60 level;
  • some gold (around 20-30k gold available).
  • access to the chosen expansion;
  • garrison unlocked for Draenor enchanting.

Enchanting Boost Explained

Buying the Enchanting profession leveling on retail will save hours of gaming time and also lots of your gold required for expensive ingredients. Our boosters know the top, most efficient, and fast guides to level Enchanting in WoW at the moment. That means fewer expenses and more profits straight after that. Additionally, we can get you the rarest of WoW enchanting recipes!

In case you still have questions on how to get the top enchanting recipes or you would like to buy enchanting profession carry from a different level rather than in retail, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

Enchanting Leveling