Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle

Sea Turtle is a rare mount that can be caught by fishing across Azeroth. But the chances of getting this mount are less than 0.01% with each fishing cast. However, you can get this riding turtle much easier with our Sea Turtle boost. 

Boosthive offers Sea Turtle for sale for players who want to get this rare mount, but don't want to spend hours doing boring fishing. Our boosting team will get this vehicle for you in no time with 100% guarantee while you enjoy other activities in the game.

WoW Sea Turtle mount boost includes: 

  1. Rare Sea Turtle into your collection.
  2. Turtles All the Way Down achievement.
  3. Fishing profession leveling while we farm this turtle.
  4. 100% done by hands without any bots.

Boost takes: 2-3 days.

In rare cases, Sea Turtle mount requires over 5000 fishing casts, so the service might take longer than the average time. We also will need a lot of time on your account during Sea Turtle farm service.


  • 40+ level;
  • no gear requirements.

WoW Sea Turtle Carry Info

Even though this mount can't move very quickly on land, but it has a great swimming speed. Sea Turtle drop chance is lower than 0.2% from fishing, so the process of obtaining it is very tedious and boring for the majority of players. That's why buying Sea Turtle in WoW is the optimal way to save your game time and enjoy more interesting things while we farm this mount for you.

Sea Turtle