Jewelcrafting Profession Leveling


Jewelcrafting is a WoW crafting profession that creates gems, rings and necks for players. Apart from this, it can also be used for ore prospering that allows to get rare and epic gem stones from ore. Dragonflight jewelcrafting won't be an exception. Buying Jewelcrafting boost will help to level up this profession and unlock new recipes in Dragonflight and other expansions.

WoW Jewelcrafting powerleveling unlocks:

  1. Jewelcrafting skill leveled up in any expansion.
  2. Access to jewelcrafting prospering.
  3. Access to jewel recipes.
  4. Ability to craft rings, necks and cosmetic items.

Boost takes: 1-6 days.

Please note: Dragonflight Jewelcrafting boost might take longer than other expansions. Lack of resources and the profession may be also time-gated by other factors.


  • 70 level;
  • access to chosen expansion;
  • retail;
  • garrison unlocked for Draenor Jewelcrafting

WoW Jewelcrafting Boost Explained

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