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Ultramarine Quraji Battle Tank - Scepter of Azj'Akir

Scepter of Azj'Aqir is a rare archaeology item added in Pandaria expansion that drops with a low chance from Tol'vir Artifacts. This item teaches you the Ultramarine Quraji Battle Tank mount.

Boost takes 1-2 weeks.

Ultramarine Quraji Battle Tank is a rare mount that has a similar model with Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal and it's only the 1 battle tank that could be obtained not via BMAH and used in all WoW locations.

Ultramarine Quraji Battle Tank boosting includes:

If you want to get the mount faster, you can buy Tol'vir Hieroglyphic items which will increase speed.


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Scepter of Azj'Aqir (Ultramarine Quraji Battle Tank)