The Underlight Angler (Fishing Artifact)

The Underlight Angler (Fishing Artifact)

The Underlight Angler is a unique fishing artifact added in Legion. It allows the wearer to teleport to the closest fishing pool and has a whole talent tree that compliments the fishing process in World of Warcraft. Buying the Underlight Angler (Legion Fishing Artifact) can save you tremendous amounts of laying time and allow you to get the unique tool that can be used in the news expansions.

Boost ETA: ~8 hours.

Underlight Angler boost includes:

  • unique Underlight Angler fishing rod artifact;
  • 800 points in the secondary fishing profession;
  • Bigger Fish to Fry achievement;
  • any rare fish and resources acquired during the fishing artifact carry.

The Legion fishing rod artifact is a rare hard-to-get weapon that requires fishing skills and a lot of time to acquire. It is almost impossible to complete this carry instantly. Some parts of the quest chains require completion of meta-achievements based on the pure random drop and luck of your character. 


  • 50+ lvl character;
  • legion fishing provided.

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Straight after your order, our professional boosters will be ready to get you this special fishing artifact pole with lots of cool and unique perks, that you may then proceed to level. This is the perfect tool for the start of the new expansion such as upcoming SHadolands as it allows you to get resources faster and easiest than other players without this artifact.

How to get the Underlight Angler in BFA or Shadowlands?

The acquisition process of the Underlight Angler artifact has not changed much since the Legion expansion. It is still full of grind and hours spend fishing. And that is pretty understandable since this is the tool for those who want to excel in this secondary profession. Apart from cool looks, this artifact can make you:

  • allow you to walk on water;
  • get more fish in a lesser amount of time;
  • transform you into the fish underwater to increase your swimming speed;
  • give you stealth while fishing;
  • increase the duration of your bait;
  • make you Richie-Rich rich at the beginning of the new expansion.

Underlight Angler artifact traits.

You can find the detailed Underlight Angler guide on the web and other resources however our experts have prepared a brief extract on the step you need to take to get this cool fishing artifact. Additionally, we will leave you some notes that you might find useful.

  • first of all, you will need to complete the Bigger Fish to Fry achievement;
  • start farming rare fish by using the rare bait to increase your chances;
  • level up your fishing skill to 800 so that you can get the epic questline;
  • when Bigger Fish to Fry completed fish anywhere to get Luminous Pearl;
  • Luminous Pearl starts the quest chain for the artifact;
  • complete 3 stages of the ques at the Murlock infested island;
  • get back to Marcia Chase to get your Underlight Angler.

Underlight Angler 3D model impression.
The completion of this quest chain should not take you more than a couple of hours whereas the whole artifact acquisition can take days. To save your time and don’t waste it on currently pointless fishing you should order our professional Underlight Agler carry service and get this awesome legendary fishing rod in no time. Our booster has performed this quest chain and Bigger Fish to Fry achievement over 100 times and they know exactly what to do making the process much faster and more efficient.

The Underlight Angler (Fishing Artifact)