Dragonflight Engineering Leveling


Engineering is a unique WoW crafting profession that unlocks a lot of powerful devices and useful bots for players. Apart from creating head goggles that are very strong at the start of every expansion. Dragonflight engineering won't be an exception. Buying Engineering boost will help you to level this profession fast and unlock new recipes in Dragonflight or other expansions.

WoW Engineering powerleveling rewards:

  1. Engineering skill leveled up in chosen expansion.
  2. Access to Engineering goggles for head slot.
  3. Recipes to craft gadgets, gear repairing items.
  4. Ability to craft mounts like helicopters etc.
  5. Recipes to craft toys, bombs or grenades.

Boost takes: 1-6 days.

Please note: Dragonflight Engineering boost might take a bit longer to complete because the resources may be limited on the AH or profession may be time-gated in any way.


  • 70 level;
  • access to chosen expansion;
  • retail;
  • garrison unlocked for Draenor Engineering.

WoW Engineering Boost Explained

Buying Engineering profession leveling in WoW Dragonflight will not only save tons of gold, but also save a lot of time. Our boosting team knows the most efficient guides to level engineering to maximum (sometimes they even write such guides!). That means that you can start using your Engineering profession with full potential earning gold from AH much easier.

Moreover, we can farm the most desirable Engineering crafting recipes in the game. So that you can create really rare and useful gadgets. Feel free to contact our friendly managers in the online-chay in case you're looking for a specific or custom Engineering boosting request.