Dawn of the Infinite Boost

Dawn of the Infinite | Fast 506+ ilvl loot

Dawn of the Infinite (DoI) boost is a single run through all 8 bosses of the newest megadungeon added in Dragonflight patch 10.1.5. This mega dungeon will take players across various timeways to stop the Infinite Dragonflight. Buy Dawn of the Infinite mega dungeon run to receive the fastest loot run into this new instance.

Dawn of the Infinite boosting service is a great way to get some amazing mythic loot, transmogs, as well as many other exciting things that this dungeon has to offer.

Boost takes: 30-40 minutes | Start time: 15 minutes.
Dawn of the Infinite carry includes:
  1. A full 8/8 clear of the Dawn of the Infinite megadungeon.
  2. 493 ilvl items from the Mythic difficulty (Normal mode).
  3. Chance to get 506 ilvl items in Hard mode.
  4. DoI achievements acquired during the run.
  5. Chance to get Reins of the Quantum Courser mount.
  6. Chance to get Drakewatcher manuscripts from last boss.
  7. Some weapon transmogrification and collectibles.
Additional options:
  • DotI achievements - we will complete all NON-hardmode dungeon achievements: A Slime in Need, Crunch Time, Chaotic Time, Back En-masse.
  • Loot-traders - we will add chosen number of unsaved players matching your armor type during Dawn of the Infinite dungeon boost. They will trade all the loot they get.

FoS Defender of the Timeways and of the Infinite title are no longer obtainable with the release of Patch 10.2. Before you purchase the DoI mega dungeon boost please take a look at the basic requirements for this service.

  • level 70;
  • 515 ilvl for hard mode;
  • Dragonflight expansion.

Dawn of the Infinite run carry description

Dawn of the Infinite megadungeon carry runs will help the heroes of Azeroth to stop the Infinite Dragonflight. Face Iridikon, as well as the fallout from the Galakrond’s demise in a relaxed atmosphere.

This new megadungeon will contain 8 bosses in total and bring new challenges to the players. Our boosting teams are ready to provide fast and easy Dawn of the Infinite megadungeon boosts. Join us to prevent the dark Warcraft timeline where Nozdormu turns into Murozond!

What do we know about the Infinite megadungeon?

  • All loot runs will be available on mythic difficulty.
  • Later this dungeon might be divided into 2 instances.
  • We will meet an evil version of Chromie.
  • There is a new mount that can be transformed into one of mounts from the past.
  • There is an Immortal achievement.
  • Last boss will drop customization to turn dragonriding mounts into Infinites.
  • Lots of new transmogrification items.

One thing is for certain - new encounters will present challenging new raid-like mechanics, and amazing 437+ ilvl rewards and trinkets for conquering them. If the difficulty isn’t something you enjoy in WoW, but rewards are enticing you can always rely on our Dawn of the Infinite megadungeon boost run. We will help you to get awesome new gear, as well as achievements and other new items.

Dawn of the Infinite | Fast 506+ ilvl loot