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Mythic 10 Boost

Tired of all the pro gamer requirements to get into a Shadowlands mythic +10 key group? You’re just in the right place to get Mythic 10 carry — fast completion of a chosen dungeon in WoW. Why choose Boosthive?

Group is ready to start within ~20 minutes, available all SL mythic +10 keys 99,5% of the time and we support all EU and US realms and both factions.

What makes service Mythic 10 boost a must-have:

  1. Mythic+ 10 boost is just the cheapest and the fastest way to gear up your character in a short time 
  2. You get a juice ilvl 220 reward at the end of the week
  3. You boost your Raider.IO score to get into more randoms groups (it won’t be the smoothest experience ever, but hey, at least you can start to actually play the game)

If you want only the best weekly chest, it doesn't require to boost mythic +10 in timer.

You will also receive:

  • 1-2 203 ilvl pieces of gear from the cache at the end of a dungeon that spread randomly across party members;
  • Completion a part of achievement Keystone Conqueror (requires "in timer" option).

Remember that a self-play mode is an additional option. All loot trade ("Extra trader" or "VIP group") options extremely increase a chance of obtaining more loot, but additional items are not guaranteed for completing single wow mythic +10 carry run.

If you want a specific dungeon please contact us before ordering.

Additional options for M 10 boost:

  • Selfplay - you play your own on your character
  • Extra trader add 1 character with your armor type
  • VIP group - add 2 characters with your armor type
  • In timer - we will complete the dungeon in timer (drops 1 extra item for the group!)
  • Specific dungeon - you choose dungeon which we clear for you (add info in the order note)


  • 60 level character
  • No gear requirements

We don't ask your secret question, so your account will be protected from theft.

Mythic +10 Run