Mythic 10 Boost

Mythic +10

Tired of all the pro gamer requirements to get into a Dragonflight mythic +10 key group? You’re just in the right place to get Mythic 10 carry — fast completion of a chosen dungeon in WoW. Why choose Boosthive?

Group is ready to start within ~15 minutes, available all DF mythic +10 keys 99,5% of the time and we support all EU and US realms and both factions.

Mythic 10+ carry includes: 

  1. Fast Mythic 10+ run.
  2. 20% chance to get 454 ilvl item from the end-of-dungeon chest. 
  3. Guaranteed 470 gear from the Great Vault at the end of the week.
  4. Mythic rating increased (if you didn't complete any 10s keys).

ETA of the service is written for default run. Additional options may increase the duration time of the service.

We have our own keystones to organize the run for you. However, if you prefer to use your own key, simply type it in order notes or inform our managers after the purchase.

Additional options explained:

  • selfplay - you play on your character during the run, no need to know the tactics or bring any consumables;
  • in timer - the dungeon will be completed within the time limit, resulting in 2 items spread for a group in the end-dungeon chest; 
  • 1 trader - we guarantee that there will be 1 character that matches your type of armor (for example mail);
  • 2 traders - there will be at least 2 well-geared players who match your armor type;
  • specific dungeon - you choose the dungeon which we clear for you (add the name of the dungeon in notes at checkout page)

Important information: Choosing additional loot traders extremely increases your chances to get items from the dungeon. However, our team cannot guarantee an exact amount of gear pieces from the end-of-dungeon chest as the loot drop is completely random.

If you want a specific key, contact us before ordering. Also, please have a look at the minimal requirements for this service. If you don't meet one of these, simply contact us through any comfortable channels (online chat, skype, or discord).


  • 70 level;
  • any gear.
Mythic +10