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Mythic 15 Boost

Mythic +15 dungeon boost is a single run into one of eight challenging Shadowlands dungeons on a Mythic +15 key difficulty. It is required to get the highest 252 ilvl weekly gear in the Great Vault.

Buying Mythic +15 run from the professional key-masters is the fastest way to gear your character in WoW Shadowlands.

Boost takes: ~30-40 minutes/dungeon.

Adding traders in US region may increase the waiting time.

The new Great Vault system in Shadowlands requires you to complete only 1 mythic +15 dungeon a week to get 1 highest item level item in it. The dungeon can be completed not “in timer”.

WoW Mythic 15 carry includes:

  1. Fast +15 key run, not "in timer".
  2. Guaranteed 252 ilvl item from Great Vault.
  3. x1 236 ilvl gear (2 items for timed run) in the chest (spread randomly across party members).
  4. x135 Valor points for each run (+65 additional Valor if you didn't complete this dungeon on 15 level).
  5. Mythic+ rating increased (in case you didn't do this dungeon on 15+ difficulty).
  6. Part of Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season Two.
  7. Part of Shadowlands Keystone Conqueror: Season Two.

Shadowlands Keystone Master: Season Two achievement requires to get at least 2000 Mythic+ rating. The estimated start time of such a service could vary and be subject to 4-6 hours of waiting time if you decide to buy it after midnight.

You don't need to bring your own key. However, if you prefer us to push your keystone, just inform our managers in the online chat or discord after the purchase and the team will run your dungeon.

Additional options:

  • in timer - run will be completed in timer, this means there will be +1 item in the end-of-dungeon chest;
  • 1 loot-trader - there will be 1 well-geared player with the same armor as yours;
  • 2 loot-traders - we will add at least 2 geared players matching your armor type;
  • x4 M+ runs - allow you to choose one of two 252 ilvl items in your weekly Great Vault;
  • x10 M+ runs - allow you to choose one of three 252 ilvl items in your weekly Great Vault;
  • specific dungeon - you can choose the concrete dungeon you want us to do, please type the name of the dungeons in notes at the checkout page.

Please note that adding loot traders highly increases the chance for the loot. However, our team cannot guarantee an exact amount of items from the end-of-dungeon chest as it is completely random. Also, please have a look at the requirements for buying the mythic +15 service.


  • 60 level;
  • any gear.

How does the Shadowlands Great Vault Works?

With the change of the weekly cache system in WoW Shadowlands expansion and the introduction of the Great Vault to replace it the whole concept of mythic +15 rewards has been revamped. To make it clear if you do a single mythic plus dungeon run on the +15 key difficulty level a week you still get the highest 252 item level piece of gear. But doing more runs will make it more interesting.

Let us try to sum-up everything we know about mythic plus Great Vault (GV) rewards in a form of an easy-to-understand table. Just keep in mind that the Great Vault awards a player with only one item a week, other items are there to give you a better choice and therefore just options of the final reward.

Number of M+ completed

Number of item options in GV

Gear ilvl



Highest Key Reward



4th Highest Key Reward



10th Highest Key Reward

Let’s imagine a more realistic scenario where you have completed the following keys in a week:

  • x3 mythic +15 dungeons;
  • x2 mythic +14 dungeons;
  • x2 mythic +13 dungeons;
  • x3 mythic +10 dungeons;
  • x2 mythic +6 dungeons.

Taking the logic of Grat Vault into consideration you will get a choice of items based on mythic +15 (highest key reward) and two options: mythic +14 (4th highest key) and mythic +10 (10th highest key reward). The game will automatically place the completed dungeons in the descending (highest to lowest) order and pick number 1,4,10 for awarding you the options for the GV. Therefore your 12 completed dungeons this week would look like that:


Completing higher mythic+ levels will increase all your rewards options.

Shadowlands Mythic +15 dungeons:

  1. Necrotic Wake.
  2. Mists of Tirna Scithe.
  3. Spires of Ascension.
  4. De Other Side.
  5. Plaguefall.
  6. Halls of Atonement.
  7. Theater of Pain.
  8. Sanguine Depths.

Tazavesh won't be available on Mythic+ difficulty during Shadowlands season 2.

Please keep in mind if you have done a number of the above dungeons in mythic +15 levels and then did more mythic+ runs on a really low level it can ruin the quality of your third reward in the Great Vault.

To avoid these things to happen Boosthive offers you to buy the professional Shadowlands mythic plus 15 boosting services from top-PvE players of World of Warcraft and get the best gear each week.

Mythic +15 Run