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The Great Vault Carry

The Great Vault in Shadowlands is the updated and re-envisioned version of the weekly cache item loots of BFA. The boost of the Great Vault will allow players to have up to 9 item options with a top 252 item level to select from.

Both PvP and PvE Great Vault carry services are available to buy in order to increase the number of gear options.

The Shadowlands Great Vault weekly boost includes:

  1. Unlock of 1-9 gear item options per weekly cooldown.
  2. Selection of 226-252 item level gear pieces in the weekly cache.
  3. Completion of x1, x4, or x10 Mythic + Dungeons (if the option is chosen).
  4. The defeat of 10/10 of Sanctum of Domination raid bosses (normal/heroic).
  5. Farming of 1250, 2500, or 6250 PvP rated honor points on arena/RBG (if selected).

Boost ETA: ~3-4 days. (Depending on the service chosen)

Please note that the quality of the item in terms of item level ranging from 226-252 depends on the difficulty level of the content. Therefore the more higher is the difficulty of your weekly achievements the higher is the item level of the item options within the Great Vault. PvP rewards depend on your highest PvP rating, taken from 2v2, 3v3 or RBG.

You may select the required difficulty through the options or by talking to one of our support managers before ordering the Shadowlands Great Vault carry service. Additionally please check the basic requirements to have GV boost completed fast and smooth.


  • 60 level character;
  • no specific ilvl gear is required.

How does Great Vault work?

Just imagine how cool it would be if you could select the item you get from a weekly cache in BFA? Getting a high item level weapon or a trinket instead of useless bracers with the wrong stats on them sounds great. Now you can do that with the Great Vault boost in Shadowlands.

Every weekly reset you can complete a set of 9 challenges allowing you to expand the pool of high-item level weekly gear by 1 item. Although you might still select only 1 piece of gear at the end, having a choice makes it a better trade-off rather than pray for an RNG. So what are the challenges of the Great Vault?

  1. PvE Sanctum of Domination raid challenge (3-7-9 bosses killed).
  2. PvE Mythic+ dungeons challenge (1-4-10 mythic plus dungeons cleared).
  3. PvP Rated Honor points farming challenge (1250-2500-6250 points obtained).

Don’t miss the perfect chance to get an advantage during the first weeks of the new Shadowlands patch 9.1. Order the Great Vault boosting service from a pro carry team and enjoy the selection of the BiS gear items straight from the first week of season 1.

How to complete Great Vault challenges in Shadowlands?

The completion of the Great Vault objectives depends on the content difficulty and scales accordingly. Therefore if You clear heroic raid bosses you get a selection of heroic ilvl gear at the end of the week. The same goes for the mythic + keystone difficulty and the PvP rating.

How to get a Great Vault weekly boost?

It is very simple, depending on the item level of the gear you are aiming to get at the end of the week you mich chose the option in the Great Vault carry product. We recommend you to do the following:

  • aim for the at least one highest 252 ilvl gear option per week;
  • do it in Mythic+ or raid challenges and then expand variety with PvP;
  • if additional lower difficulty content compiled the ilvl of secondary reward will decrease;
  • read carefully about the Mythic + Great Vault rewards here;
  • if you still have questions speak to our 24/7 support manager.

In any case, getting Great Vault boosted for at least 1 252 ilvl item a week will help your character development much faster and therefore more efficient. Order the Great Vault carry service from Boosthive and start harvesting top loot straight from the start of the expansion.

Great Vault rewards levels depending on the content difficulty

The more difficult content gives much better weekly rewards. We've prepared the full list of all rewards from all types on activities in Shadowlands for your comfort.

Type of content Weekly rewards
SoD normal 226 ilvl
SoD heroic 239 ilvl
Mythic+ 10-11 246 ilvl
Mythic+ 12-13 249 ilvl
Mythic+ 14-15 252 ilvl
1400-1599 rating 226 ilvl (239 in pvp)
1600-1799 rating 233 ilvl (246 in pvp)
1800-2099 rating 240 ilvl (253 in pvp)
2100+ rating 246 ilvl (259 in pvp)


The Great Vault