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Shadowlands Mythic +0 Dungeons Boost

Shadowlands mythic dungeons are the more challenging version of the heroic dungeons that reward with higher item level gear. Buying such a dungeon boost will get your character carried through any amount of newly added instances.

There are 40 mythic dungeon bosses in Shadowlands dropping 262 ilvl loot. This means that it is the best and fastest way to gear up new level 60 characters in WoW SL.

Shadowlands mythic dungeons run includes:

  1. Start in 30-60 minutes during the day.
  2. Default run includes 9/9 dungeons in mythic difficulty.
  3. 262 ilvl gear with a 20% drop chance from each boss (32 bosses in total + 8 in Tazavesh).
  4. Shadowlands Dungeon Hero achievement.
  5. The group with traders is a must-have if you want to obtain some extra loot.

Boost ETA: 3 hours for 9/9 mythic +0 run.

* The VIP dungeon runs will include 2 extra players who will match your armor type. That means that they can easily exchange the obtained loot with you.

The Shadowlands full mythic dungeon run will include 9/9 shadowlands dungeons. The nine dungeons added in Shadowlands are:

  1. Necrotic Wake;
  2. Spires of Ascension;
  3. De Other Side;
  4. Halls of Atonement;
  5. Mist of Tirna Scithe;
  6. Plague Fall;
  7. Sanguine Depths;
  8. Theater of Pain;
  9. Tazavesh, the Veiled Market.


  • 60 level;
  • no gear requirements.

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Shadowlands mythic dungeons location

Shadowlands dungeons are located across 4 zones of the new World of Warcraft world and can be accessed by all players at a particular minimum level. Here is the summary of all the Shadolwnads instances.

Dungeon Name


Minimum Level

Entrance Coordinates

Necrotic Wake



40.0 55.3

Plague Fall



59.2 64.8

Mist of Tirna Scithe



35.4 53.9

Halls of Atonement



78.3 49.1

Theater of Pain



53.21 53.14

De Other Side



68.7 66.1

Spires of Ascension



58.4 28.7

Sanguine Depths



50.9 29.9

Each dungeon has been connected to some in-game event and a massive piece of lore needed to explore the newly created world which has not been previously mentioned in any of WoW storylines. This means that with Shadowlands mythic dungeon carry, you will not only be able to gear up and prepare your character to the more difficult challenges but you will get to know the secrets of the new lands.

Shadowlands Mythic0 Dungeons
9/9 run(s)