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Shadowlands Heroic Dungeons 8/8

Shadowlands heroic dungeons serve as a bridge between fresh 60 lvl characters and high-end content. They reward you with better 223 ilvl items and help you prepare a character and not struggle with daily activities. With our dungeon boost service, you will get invited into a group of well-geared players who will clear all 8 dungeons with ease.

Boost ETA: 3 hours for 8/8 heroic dungeons run.

There are two dungeons available in all 4 zones: Ardenweald, Bastion, Maldraxxus, and Revendreth. All dungeons can drop regular 223 gear items and soulbind conduits for your covenant followers.

Shadowlands heroic dungeons boost includes:

  • Fast start with a professional team;
  • Default run into 8/8 dungeons on heroic difficulty;
  • 223 ilvl gear that drops for you with 20% chance from each boss;
  • Shadowlands Dungeon Hero achievement;
  • Achievement for completing each dungeon, resulting in 160 achievement points.

The VIP dungeon means that there will be 2 players with the same armor type as yours (for example, mail if you’re a hunter). They will trade you all the gear they get during the run resulting in more efficient gearing.

Full shadowlands heroic dungeon run will include all available dungeons in the new expansion. They are:

  1. Necrotic Wake;
  2. Spires of Ascension;
  3. De Other Side;
  4. Halls of Atonement;
  5. Mist of Tirna Scithe;
  6. Plague Fall;
  7. Sanguine Depths;
  8. Theater of Pain.


  • 60 lvl;

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How to get into Shadowlands heroic dungeons?

Shadowlands dungeons are located across all zones in the realm of Death. They’re marked with a little blue circle on your map. Our team will summon you to each dungeon, so you don’t need to look or worry about where the entrances are. However, if you’re still interested there’re 2 ways to enter each heroic dungeon on your own:

  1. Create a group  in the Group Finder and go to the exact dungeon on your own;
  2. Sign up with the Looking for Group tool (your minimum ilvl must be higher than 170 to do that).

Shadowlands is the realm of Death, so you can meet some honorable mentions from the past during your Shadowlands heroic dungeons carry. The well-known creatures are Hakkar the Soulflayer, The Manastorms, Mueh'zala, so you can not only get solid gear but also know their fate in the Shadowlands.

Shadowlands Heroic Dungeons