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Operation: Mechagon

Here you can get WoW Operation Mechagon boost run - new mega-dungeon. Includes killing all bosses with selfplay or acc play mode. All tradable loot included. Starting run within 30-50 minutes. Operation Mechagon is 5-ppl dungeon added in 8.2. patch with a new mount - available only in Hard Mode with 100% chance. 

Mechagon carry takes: 

  • Mythic Mode 1-1,5 hours
  • Hard Mode: 1.5 hours

Buying Operation Mechagon clear run you will get:

  • Fast clear of the new dungeon: Mechagon with the top group
  • Run with personal loot mode
  • Chance to get 415+ loot and cool trinkets (chance for 430 head in hard-mode)
  • Guaranteed mount Aerial Unit R-21/X from King Mechagon in Hardmode (1 mount for a party, tradable)
  • Choose selfplay option to play your own with our group
  • Achievement Keep DPS-ing and Nobody Explodes (for Hard Mode full clear)
  • 430 Azerite helmet for 1 random group member (requires completion in Hard Mode)
  • Choose additional loot-traders to get more chance for getting the gear
  • Hertz Locker - for completing Hard Mode without Deaths.

Remember that Hard Mode and Mythic mode have the same weekly cooldown and you won't be able to get loot from hard-mode if you cleared mythic and vice versa.

Additional options for Operation: Mechagon:

  • Selfplay - you play your own
  • All loot trade (extra trader and VIP group) options highly increase the chance of getting loot at the end of the dungeon. But we need to mention that loot-traders does not guarantee you items during the run.
  • Hard Mode - completion Megadungeon with hard mode active. This increases the difficulty of bosses and adds new unique boss mechanics. Hard Mode rewards group with 1 mount Aerial Unit R-21/X and achievement Keep DPS-ing and Nobody Explodes

Please note that Mechagon dungeon has a weekly cooldown, so loot-traders are only available during the first few days of reset. We recommend booking loot-traders at the start of cooldown.beforehand. Rare mount Mechagon Peacekeeper is not included and will cost additional cost if drops.

Mechagon mega-dungeon carry includes 8 bosses:

  • King Gobbamak (a Trogg with some kind of tower defense)
  • Gunker
  • Trixie & Naemov
  • H K-8 Aerial Oppression Unit
  • Tussie Tonks (including lots of robots)
  • KU-JO (mechanized dog)
  • Machinist's Keep
  • King Mechagon


  • 120 level character
  • Fresh weekly cooldown for Operation: Mechagon

We don't ask your secret question for accplay mode, so your account will be protected from steal.