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Ashes of Al'ar

Ashes of Al'ar drop rate is 2% from Kael'thas Sunstrider in the Tempest Keep (The Eye) raid. Players spend months attempting to get it. Buying Ashes of Al'ar mount boosting service is the easiest way to skip numerous Kael'thas runs every week and add this fire phoenix into your collection. Al'ar is one of the most beautiful mounts from Burning Crusade

Ashes of Al'ar carry in WoW has two options: the number of Kael'thas kills without mount guarantee or an indefinite number of runs until it drops (guaranteed farm).

WoW Ashes of Al'ar boost includes:

  1. Epic flying mount - Ashes of Al'ar farm options:
    • select the number of attempts (w/o mount guarantee);
    • Ashes of Al'ar 100% guaranteed drop (we run the raid until it drops).
  2. FoS achievement - Ashes of Al'ar
  3. Tempest Keep achievement. 
  4. Transmogable items from The Eye.
  5. VPN security for account safety.

Boost ETA: 3-6 months (average).

If you have more than one character, it will highly reduce the time for farming Ashes of Al'ar. However, the duration of the guaranteed option still depends on luck.

Important: In case you select the number of mount runs and it drops before the limit is reached, we will use the remaining fee for unused tries as a credit for another service of your choice. 


  • 40 level;
  • no gear requirements;
  • active wow subscription.

Our team never asks for your secret question or any other private information during our carry services. Your account is 100% protected from theft at all times.

Ashes of Al'ar