Great Greytusk

The Great Greytusk

The Great Greytusk mount is one of the seven rare elite mount added in WoW in the Warlords of Draenor expansion. It is obtainable by killing the Gorok NPC in the Frostfire Ridge location and looting the mount with a 100% drop chance. Buying the Great Greytusk mount boost will make you skip the boring camping process and save a lot of your playing time for more fun things to do.

The purchase of the Great Greytusk mount boosting service will guarantee you getting it in your bag with some additional bonuses to the carry process.

By getting the Great Greytusk carry you will receive:

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Boost takes: 1 day.

All our rare mount carry services are available for the vast majority of WoW players, however, there are some essential requirements that you might want to check out before ordering the boost. 


  • 50+ level;
  • no gear requirements.

If at the moment you are still leveling up your character but want to get this mount as soon as possible you can always opt for our professional fast power leveling service and be the necessary level in a matter of hours.

The Great Greytusk mount boost is an easy to get service which can save you lots of time and remove the stress of missing the rare NPC spawn over and over. However, if you have that time to waste and have nothing better to do than to camp the Gorok all the time here are some tips on how to do that more efficiently.

How to get the Great Greytusk fast in BFA or Shadowlands?

To obtain the Great Greytusk mount all one has to do is locate the rare NPC called Gorok, wandering around several distant locations of the Frostfire Ridge in Warlord of Draenor. It has a 100% drop chance and will be available to loot for everyone who has tagged this NPC during the attack. Its rarity, however, is determined by the very long respawn time and number of various locations it can happen in, making the search for it unbearably difficult.

Great Greytusk location in Frostfire Ridge Zone (WoD Expansion).

For the mount collectors who are eager to get this mount themselves we have prepared some essential information which will allow you to do so in BFA, Shadowlands or future WoW expansions:

  • Gorok NPC res[awn timer varies from 20mins to 18 hours making it difficult to track;
  • this mount can be farmed in the raid group;
  • the Great Greytusk has a 100% chance to drop to everyone who attacked it;
  • hopping the realms may help you to find this NPC faster;
  • there are 6 different variations of giant boar mounts in Warlords of Draenor.

If you are using the TomTom tracking addon these coordinates might be useful to camp the Gorok:

  • /way Frostfire Ridge 63.4 79.4 Gorok;
  • /way Frostfire Ridge 22.8 66.4 Gorok;
  • /way Frostfire Ridge 64.8 53.0 Gorok;
  • /way Frostfire Ridge 51.8 50.6 Gorok;
  • /way Frostfire Ridge 58.0 18.4 Gorok,

It is almost impossible to predict the next spawn location and the respawn timer of this sneaky giant boar making it a very rare and hard-to-camp mount. It requires full attention, enabling NPC tracking and constant patrolling and server-hopping to get a chance of adding it to your collection. It is so disappointing finding one dead Gorok after another which can be really frustrating and killing all the gaming fun.

You are so lucky today as Boosthive has specifically trained people to camp for such tricky NPCs. Our professional Great Greytusk mount carry service will guarantee you getting this epic ground mount and riding it into the worlds of Shadowlands.

The Great Greytusk