Sunhide Gronnling

Sunhide Gronnling

The Sunhide Gronnling is a rare ground mount that added in Warlords of Draenor that drops with a 100% chance from the rare spawn NPC Poundfist in Gorgrond.

It's one of 7 rare mounts that drops in open-world added in Draenor. Service will be completed by switching realms to find Pounfist faster,

Sunhide Gronnling mount boost includes:

  • Mount Sunhide Gronnling;
  • A chance to get other rare Draenor mounts;
  • VPN security for account safety.

Boost ETA: 1-2 days.

Our team will leave the mount in your bags so you will have the opportunity to learn Sunhide Gronnling yourself.


  • 50+ level;
  • Draenor Pathfinder.

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Sunhide Gronnling