Frightened Kodo

Frightened Kodo

Frightened Kodo boost is an easy way to camp this rare NPC in the Darkshore and click it to obtain Frightened Kodo mount. Our boosting team will take care of camping and searching this rare spawn and unlock this mount on your account with a 100% guarantee while you enjoy your free time.

Frightened Kodo carry includes:

  1. Rare ground mount - Frightened Kodo.
  2. Everything is done by hands via camping and realm-hopping (no bots or multiboxing)

Boost takes 1-4 days.

This service may take a bit longer if we are unlucky with Frightened Kodo spawn.

Important, Frightened spawn rate is unpredictable and it has various spawn spots, so our team will need to log onto your account a lot during the service. 


  • 50+ level.

Frightened Kodo Mount For Sale

The Frightened Kodo NPC that awards the mount has 6 various spawn locations in Darkshore. It has 1-8 hours respawn timer and disappears within 1-2 minutes if no one clicks it. The first player who manages to find it and snap on this rare beast - gets the mount.

That's why buying a Frightened Kodo mount farming service is one of the best ways to add it to your collection and save days of gaming time and your nerves. 

Frightened Kodo