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Solar Spirehawk - Rukhmar Mount

Solar Spirehawk boost is the best way to get one of the rarest fly mount in WoW that drops from Draenor world boss - Rukhmar with a low chance. Rukhmar is an elite NPC that spawns in Spires of Arak and soaring around the location.

Boost ETA: 3-6 months.

Solar Spirehawk or "Rukhmar" mount has a 0.02% drop chance. At 8.3. patch Rukhmar can be tamed by hunters to get the unique hunter pet.

WoW Rukhmar mount boost includes:

  • Mount Solar Spirehawk itself;
  • Lots of legendary transmogrification loot;
  • Defeating Rukhmar until mount drops.

Mount from Rukhmar can drop from bonus rolls, so prepare it to increase the chance of getting it. From the 7.0.3 patch can be also traded to a character that is eligible to loot.


  • 45 level character;
  • active wow subscription

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Solar Spirehawk (Rukhmar Mount)