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Swift White Hawkstrider

Buying Swift White Hawkstrider mount boosting service will help you to save time and forget about doing Magister's Terrace every day. It is obtained with the low drop chance from Kael'thas Sundstider on heroic difficulty.

Boosthive offers 2 ways of Swift White Hawkstrider carry: guaranteed farm and option to pay-per-run option.

Swift White Hawkstrider carry includes:

  1. We offer 2 ways to farm rare mount Swift White Hawkstrider:
    • pay-per-run service (without mount guarantee);
    • Swift White Hawkstrider guaranteed farm (we do runs until it drops).
  2. FoS achievement Swift White Hawkstrider. 
  3. Chance to loot cool-looking pet - Phoenix Hatchling. 
  4. Achievement Magister's Terrace.
  5. Transmogrification from Magisters' Terrace dungeon.
  6. VPN security for account safety.

Boost ETA: 1-2 months (average).

We will be doing runs into Magisters' Terrace on all your high-level alts. That's said, more characters increase the duration of the service drastically, because players can enter Burning Crusade heroic dungeons only once per day on a single character.

Important: In case you choose the number of Kael'thas runs and Swift White Hawkstrider drops before our team uses all the attempts, we will use the remaining fee for unused tries as a credit for another service of your choice. 


  • 45+ level;
  • no gear requirements;
  • active wow subscription.

WoW Swift White Hawkstrider has a similar model to blood elves' racial mounts. However, all the races (even from the Alliance side) can ride this mount making it a unique one. It has only a 4% drop rate from heroic, so players spend several weeks attempting to get it.

Swift White Hawkstrider